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Exercise To Reduce Lower Back Soreness

August 27th, 2014 Posted in Exercises

  Physical exercise works as a natural anesthesia in diminishing lumbar soreness and those who are involved in regular physical activity from moderate to rigorous intensity have been found to have less pain in the lower back than those with less activity according to this article from Fox News. Cardiovascular exercise is recommended to be the best exercise to reduce lower back soreness, which includes running, cycling, and swimming where the most number of muscles are involved and endorphins are released within the body to create an analgesic effect. It also creates a sense of wellbeing and a numbing effect on the brain to lessen the pain. Resistance to back pain does not increase with Yoga except that a particular exercise can bring relief due to features of a particular   Read more…


Surgery Fear Stops People From Getting Back Pain Treatment

July 3rd, 2014 Posted in Treatment

  People suffering from back pain gradually seem to become reluctant to seek initial treatment for fears of surgery and myths relating to it. A recent article published in Napsnet informs surgery fear stops people from getting back pain treatment. The cause being cited as unnecessary apprehensions about surgery. In spite of assurances from physicians that the majority of people suffering from back pain will recover through conservative treatment such as anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, and coping skills and exercise, a fear psychosis is preventing vast numbers of sufferers to seek the basic help. Only 1% are advised to undergo spinal surgery when all conservative methods have failed. Surveys reveal that it is a myth that one surgical procedure may lead to multiple ones, which is deterring back pain sufferers   Read more…


Smart Devices Causing Spinal Pain

May 13th, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  Smart devices causing spinal pain has been the recent trend in which the young generation is being threatened with back and neck soreness at the early stage of their lives according to this article from The Standard. Strained neck muscles, wrist, and back pain are associated with using an iPad or tablet for many hours at a time. Acute to chronic spinal pain can be attributed to the use of modern gadgets. Surveys reveal that 97% of the users had lumbar or neck pain, which had even lingered for more than 90 days. Physical therapists recommend consulting a doctor if the pain persists for more than two weeks. In doing so, proper diagnosis can be made whether the pain is due to fracture, bacterial infection, or tumor. Neuropathic pain   Read more…


Upper Back Pain Relief

April 28th, 2014 Posted in pain relief

  To get upper back pain relief it is important to know what causes upper soreness. It is the stress on the group of muscles at the upper back, called Trapezius, which gives rise to upper soreness due to improper posture. Ignorance to keeping ergonomic postures while in any kind of activity over the years can be a major factor for upper soreness according to this article. Other contributory factors for upper soreness include improper lifting, bending at the waist without bending the knees, turning and twisting, and neglecting proper motion during heavy exercise. Carrying excess weight, smoking, sporting activities without warming up or cooling down, and not resting in case of injury are other reasons for upper soreness. Youngsters are also being affected with upper soreness due to improper posture.       Read more…


Spinal Cord Stimulation For Lower Back Pain

April 16th, 2014 Posted in Treatment

  There has been a lot of discussion about the technology for spinal cord stimulation for lower back pain heading for a successful future in bringing relief to people suffering from lumbar injury. Spinal stimulation has been found to be more effective than physical therapy, injections, medication, and surgery according to this article. This type of therapy is growing in popularity among spinal surgeons, interventional pain physicians, and anesthesiologists. It has been tried as one of the best possible modalities towards treating for lumbar injury. The improvement of technology, techniques in surgery, and awareness among patients and physicians has made the spinal manipulation method of treatment more popular. Spinal stimulation is an outpatient procedure. It is one of the advantages of having an insight on the outcome. This method of   Read more…


Back Pain Myths

March 27th, 2014 Posted in Pain in the back

  Even though the vast majority of people suffering from lumbar injury can get relief through conservative treatments such as exercise, anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy, and adjusting skills are generating apprehension about the need for surgery according to this article. Back pain myths are becoming a hindrance in the treatment of back related injuries. Only 1 in a hundred people are advised to undergo spine surgery, only when all conservative methods have failed. Surveys reveal that there are myths about spinal surgery, and the belief that one surgery may lead to multiple ones is deterring the lumbar injury sufferers to seek surgery for relief. It has been observed that some even wait as many as 90 days, which is more than the stipulated period for seeking help.     Back Pain   Read more…


Sports Bra To Relieve Back Pain

March 3rd, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  It is essential to have the right sports bra to relieve back pain during exercises aimed at reducing back ache. Irrespective of the size of the breasts, it is important to wear a proper bra, which will help the bust to be supported by the neck, back, and shoulders according to this article. To find the right kind of bra during workouts, it is necessary to carry out some freehand movements to see whether the bra is suitable for the purpose. While choosing the perfect bra during exercises for pain relief, it is important to ensure that the bra does not cause breathing problems and not hurt the underarm region. Ensure that the straps do not hurt your skin and the cup holds the entire breast without any bulging.   Read more…


Ways To Prevent Lower Back Problems

February 18th, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  The following ways to prevent lower back problems will help to keep an individual engaged in daily activities without risking any injury to the back or neck. Changing the body position frequently and taking breaks during activities is important to prevent putting strain on the spine. Proper body mechanisms prevent the risk of injury where exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles are performed correctly. Proper alignment of the spine is important so that the spine has its natural curve and are not flat, which compresses the nerves. Wearing proper shoes will help in maintaining proper posture. Managing our own stress through exercise and other ways can prevent lumbar injury. Ultimately, having an overall good health through proper diet and weight loss exercises can be of immense help in preventing   Read more…


Yoga and Pilates For Back Ache

February 3rd, 2014 Posted in Exercises

  Yoga and Pilates for back ache help to maintain proper posture and are recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. Iyengar Yoga and Stott Pilates have many benefits, according to this article, through providing relief from different injuries and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Iyengar Yoga has become very popular because it helps by creating equality and awareness of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental levels. Pilates help to strengthen the core muscles through stretching exercises to improve body balance, posture, flexibility, and muscle strength. Pilates help in the mobilization of the joints and releases stress and tension in the process of reducing lumbar injury.     Simple 15 minute workout that will help you warm-up your lower back, relieve low back pain and gradually strengthen your lower back muscles       Read more…


Does Manipulation Of Your Back Contribute To A Stroke?

December 4th, 2013 Posted in Prevention

spinal manipulation

Although chiropractic manipulation has been proved to be effective in back pain, there has been much debate over the effectiveness of this method for neck pain and even more “high velocity” thrusts for neck adjustment has resulted in a severe stroke in some patients according to this article in the Huffington Post. This answer to “can a stroke be caused by manipulating your spine” is certainly true.Fast movement of the neck can sometimes lead to the vertebral arteries tearing away causing blood clots, a stroke, and permanent disability. The adverse effects of spinal manipulation is not ruled out where patients suffer from a headache, neck pain, and dizziness, and in the rarest of cases, could lead to fatal brain stroke. Healthy and young adults are more prone to serious side   Read more…