High Heels Cause Back Pain

November 30th, 2012 Posted in Prevention

  This article considers why continuously wearing high-heeled shoes may put women at greater risk of developing lower back pain. Although the legs may look beautiful and sexy, high heels cause back pain. It results in a shorter Achilles tendon, as a result of which even changing to flat shoes does not help in fully touching the ground with the heels. The ankle joints are affected after being in a state of prolonged plantar flexion due to wearing high heels. It may also result in an ankle sprain and injury due to slips and falls. The position of the foot while wearing high heels prevents it from absorbing any shock, resulting in greater load strain on the knees, hips, and lower back, which may ultimately lead to arthritis.       Read more…


Exercise For Back Pain Relief

November 28th, 2012 Posted in Exercises

  Sugi Health and Fitness methods, originating from Japanese therapy, have been found to be effective forms of exercise for back pain relief as described in this article. These exercises are more mentally based where people are taught to make prudent changes in their emotional view on life. These exercises are aimed at finding the emotional level and the connection it has towards our physical expression. It is aimed at helping people to recognize their present or past emotions, which has caused that physical expression.     Exercise For Back Pain Relief   “Our basic philosophy is, we want to help people create lifestyles that are free from pain and stress,” said Amy Erez, who, with her husband Ofer, offer a series of techniques and disciplines called Sugi Health and   Read more…


Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain Relief

November 25th, 2012 Posted in Treatment

  Those undergoing chiropractic treatment for back pain relief have chances of making an improvement very quickly according to this article. It has been observed that those suffering from acute or chronic lower back pain have higher chances of responding after a week and much better after a few months of treatment. Those who have not responded after a few days were observed to be much better after a few months. Patients with a history of trauma and LBP episodes are less likely to improve. These findings may help chiropractic practitioners to take firm and correct action.     Chiropractic Treatment For Back Pain Relief Patients with low back pain (LBP) undergoing chiropractic treatment who respond to treatment are likely to improve very quickly, study findings show.   This appears   Read more…


Causes Of Lower Back Pain

November 24th, 2012 Posted in Prevention

  This article looks at the five main causes of lower back pain. Sciatica is a pain resulting from a herniated disc due to poor posture, especially while sitting for long periods. Narrowing of the nerve openings around the spinal cord and overstretching the muscles may lead to back pain.   Other causes are back arthritis and abnormal discs. Lumbar disc degeneration may also be a factor for lower back pain, but there is a chance of improvement. Herniated disc causes compression of the nerve root and depending on the distribution of the nerve, those areas of the body may experience pain. One of the main causes is sitting for long hours, which can be a particular issue for sedentary workers or people who work alone. Work requirements and our   Read more…


Back Pain Relief For Women

November 22nd, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Back pain in women is mainly due to sporadic activities, injury due to accident, or it can occur during pregnancy. Carrying too heavy a weight, stooping down to mop up the floor, and doing other household chores in an improper posture can lead to back pain. Women are prone to back pain during pregnancy due to carrying extra weight, and at some time due to sitting for long periods. Women are advised to follow certain postures while walking, sitting, and reaching after they have given birth, as measures for back pain relief for women in this article.     Back Pain Relief For Women     Women carry a heavy load. Sometimes it’s just too heavy. Sixty percent of women suffer with chronic back pain whether it’s due to   Read more…


Back Pain Relief With Yoga

November 20th, 2012 Posted in Exercises

  Specialized Yoga classes conducted in groups may prove to be a cost effective way for back pain relief with Yoga. While those with healthy lower backs could find a 12-week group Yoga intervention program both cost effective and rewarding according to this article. Those practicing Yoga for prevention of back pain were found to be more regularly at work than those not participating.     Back Pain Relief With Yoga   Specialized group yoga classes could provide a cost-effective way of treating patients with chronic or recurrent low back pain, according to the UK’s largest ever study of the benefits of yoga.   Led by the University of York, and funded by Arthritis Research UK, the study provides an evaluation of a specially-developed 12-week group yoga intervention program compared   Read more…


How To Avoid Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

November 19th, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Every pregnant woman experiences back pain at some point of time during their pregnancy. There are several ways to try and avoid lower back pain in early pregnancy itself. Back pain can never be prevented completely, but there are few things that you can do to help in reducing the frequency and severity.         Exercising is the best way to strengthen the muscles of your back and lower abdomen. You should use exercises that are pre-approved by your health care specialist.     Dr. Katie Sleigh of Sleigh Family Chiropractic introduces all pregnant women to the pelvic rock exercise. This exercise is very important for most pregnant women to do.     Instead of bending over to pick up things off the floor, you should squat. This   Read more…


Top 10 Back Pain Relief Secrets

November 18th, 2012 Posted in Prevention

  Lower back pain is difficult to get rid of, once you get it. Almost everyone experiences this pain at some point of time in their lives. Some cases are mild and last only for a short period of time, while others that last longer than six weeks become chronic. When this happens, you should consult a doctor immediately. For regular and mild back pain there are several things that you could try at home, which will help in relieving you of the pain.   Dr. Shane Mangrum from Spine Nutrition, talks about disk related pain and nonsurgical treatments.       Top 10 Back Pain Relief Secrets  Ice Packs – You could “chill”. Ice is the best known remedy for lower back pain. It helps in reducing the inflammation. It   Read more…


Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

November 17th, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Lower back pain during pregnancy is often experienced by women in the latter part of their pregnancy. This is generally after the sixth month. They experience lower back pain since the weight of the foetus increases which causes the mother to change her posture. This chance of posture often results in lower back pain. However, depending on the physical condition of the mother, lower back pain may develop even in the early stages of pregnancy. It is a known fact that around fifty to seventy per cent of women experience this pain.       One of the other causes of lower back pain in pregnant women, apart from a change in posture, is the change of hormones. This happens to prepare the mother for the birth of her   Read more…


Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

November 17th, 2012 Posted in Exercises

  For those having stiffness, soreness, and minor lower back pain, they should not ignore the symptoms as it may lead to chronic lower back pain. Consulting a doctor and taking to exercises are important to keep yourself healthy and fit. Best exercises for lower back pain relief are discussed in this article.   You can do various positions such as the Bird Dog, Cross Knee Bridge, the Side Plank, and the Single Leg, which all sound very confusing. These exercises concentrate on aligning the spine in the proper position, tightening the abdominal and pelvic muscles.  You should always consult a physician before undertaking any form of exercise to ensure that you are able to carry them out without causing yourself any injury. While doing these exercises, it is important   Read more…