Exercise For Fast Pain Relief

August 29th, 2013 Posted in Exercises

  Medical counseling and disability evolution are important to provide mental strength to people who unable to work due to lumbar injury. Keeping active with exercises for spinal soreness is what the counseling is all about, and trials on blue and white-collar employees suffering from back soreness have established the hypothesis according to this news item. Exercise for fast pain relief is recommended together with other alternative therapies. Maintaining a regular blood flow, especially to the muscles damaged due to strain and stress, is necessary for convalescing from a mild lower back injury. Exercise can work wonders for mild pain in the lower back, as the body has its own healing capability, and movement can be helpful in compensating for the injured areas. Medical advice to keep active induces mental   Read more…


Pain In The Lower Back From Pregnancy

August 22nd, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  Pain in the lower back from pregnancy can be of concern in only a few cases where soreness and inflammation may be more severe during subsequent pregnancy, and as such, it has to be monitored. Hormonal changes within the body of a pregnant woman can cause destabilization of the joints due to loose joints and ligaments, which result in pain. Tension within the spine because of having to support the extra weight of the pregnancy through changes to the body shape causes swelling, which normally subsides after delivery. Instead of adopting a wait and watch approach, treatment may be started during the initial period of pregnancy after a mother has been convinced about their baby being unharmed.     Dr. Sadie Rausenberger explains why pregnant women develop low back   Read more…


Core Exercises For Preventing Lower Back Problems

August 16th, 2013 Posted in Exercises

  Excess outdoor activities may result in deconditioning of the back muscles causing the sufferer to become more prone to minor back injuries. The best way to prevent such injuries to the spine is to do core exercises for preventing lower back problems through regular abdominal conditioning exercises. Those who feel comfortable while sitting can opt for back extension exercise. If you find that back soreness is reduced while standing, try flexion exercises such as the pelvic tilt. Using an Abdometer will help in monitoring the natural curvature of the lower spine, which is important during exercises.     This video outlines how to get rid of pain in the lower back by strengthening your core with exercises such as rag doll stretches, forward bends and abdominal crunches. Get expert   Read more…


Dry Needling For Lower Back Inflammation

August 8th, 2013 Posted in Treatment

  This article explains a new method of treatment for spinal inflammation having a similar approach to acupuncture except the needles are inserted along the nerve pathways, which are well defined in order to get relief from specific muscular pains. Dry needling for lower back inflammation evolves from the theory that it is not the nerves that are responsible for pain, but the muscles and the structure of the body, which are responsible for transmitting pain. It has been observed that combination of dry-needling and laser treatment can help reduce back ache.     Trigger point dry needling. Chiropractor Dr. Steven Horwitz demonstrates dry needling technique in this video.         Dry Needling For Lower Back Inflammation   SOMETIMES relief can come from unexpected places.   My first   Read more…


How To Prevent Back Injuries From Golf

August 1st, 2013 Posted in Prevention

  It is important to be aware of technique before going for a long period of playing golf to avoid injury and to protect your back. Learning the ways of how to prevent back injuries from golf can help in protecting the back from injuries according to this article. It is advisable to go through warm-ups before actually teeing off. A lot of homework relating to core strengthening exercises, endurance tests, confirming flexibility of muscles, strength, and proper posture are related to physical fitness. Try stretching exercises, drink as much water you can, wear a properly fitting pair of shoes, use a double-strapped golf bag, and ensure that the clubs are compatible for you.     PGA Golf professional Stuart Mason of Welwyn Garden City talks to acupuncturist Les Huyton   Read more…