Ways To Prevent Lower Back Problems

February 18th, 2014 Posted in Prevention

  The following ways to prevent lower back problems will help to keep an individual engaged in daily activities without risking any injury to the back or neck. Changing the body position frequently and taking breaks during activities is important to prevent putting strain on the spine. Proper body mechanisms prevent the risk of injury where exercises for strengthening the abdominal muscles are performed correctly. Proper alignment of the spine is important so that the spine has its natural curve and are not flat, which compresses the nerves. Wearing proper shoes will help in maintaining proper posture. Managing our own stress through exercise and other ways can prevent lumbar injury. Ultimately, having an overall good health through proper diet and weight loss exercises can be of immense help in preventing   Read more…


Yoga and Pilates For Back Ache

February 3rd, 2014 Posted in Exercises

  Yoga and Pilates for back ache help to maintain proper posture and are recommended by physiotherapists and doctors. Iyengar Yoga and Stott Pilates have many benefits, according to this article, through providing relief from different injuries and lead to a healthy lifestyle. Iyengar Yoga has become very popular because it helps by creating equality and awareness of spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental levels. Pilates help to strengthen the core muscles through stretching exercises to improve body balance, posture, flexibility, and muscle strength. Pilates help in the mobilization of the joints and releases stress and tension in the process of reducing lumbar injury.     Simple 15 minute workout that will help you warm-up your lower back, relieve low back pain and gradually strengthen your lower back muscles       Read more…