5 Back Pain Relief Tips


Here are 5 simple back pain relief tips. As usual they sound like common sense when you read them, but most people with back pain do not do any of these things. Something as simple as fixing and strengthening your posture when you do everyday activities are VERY important when it comes to protecting your back.


Some people have hurt their back for life by doing a simple everyday activity incorrectly like picking something off the floor, or bending and twisting without bending your knees.



 5 back pain relief tips

5 Back Pain Relief Tips

5 Back Pain Relief Tips

1. Stay Fit –Stretch and strengthen the core, specifically the obliques, the thighs and the buttocks muscles. This can help reduce the incidence of mechanical (non traumatic) low back pain. Stretching these areas can elongate these muscles that may have become shorter with age and deconditioning. Aerobic exercises like stationary or regular biking, swimming and walking are low risk, high return exercises for low back pain prevention.


2.Maintain a Healthy Weight – The waist-to-height ratio (waist measurement in inches, divided by your height) should be 42-49% in women and 43-53% in men. Also the Body Mass Index should be in the 23-25 range.


3.Kick the Habit – Smoking increases the risk to low back pain in two ways. First, nicotine hampers blood flow to the vertebrae and discs. Second, smokers tend to lose bone at a faster rate than non smokers.


4.Lighten Your Load – Backpackers at school, work or play may be at higher back pain risk based on inability to manage the load transfer of the back pack which causes muscle fatigue. Cary the weight using two straps and not over one shoulder, carry only the essentials, and look for padded straps.


5.Develop Back-Healthy Habits – When standing, try and support your weight while performing tasks like ironing with one foot on a small stool. Change position when sitting or standing for prolonged time periods. When bending from the waist, always use hands for support. When sitting, keep your knees slightly higher than your hips and keep them bent at 90 degrees. Use a book if your feet do not reach the floor when sitting, for support.





If you keep disciplined with these 5 back pain relief tips, you will notice your core becoming stronger,and in every day to day activity you do you will subconsciously protect your back. Once you have this instinctive knowledge of how to carry your self, bend over and lift properly. you will be much less likely to do damage to your lower back.


For many more great back pain relief tips like these, please get a copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure available for free on our website. It is a wonderful starting point for getting you on the road to recovery.




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