Actipatch Therapy Provides Back Pain Relief


ActiPatch is most effective on soft tissue injuries and is ideal for treatment of common back injuries

If you are suffering from back pain and looking for relief that does not involve using medicinal drugs for pain relief, then you may want to try actipatch therapy. In certain cases, actipatch therapy provides back pain relief. Unlike a heating pad, actipatch therapy uses electromagnetic forces to reduce the pain. It is safe for patients to use, and it should provide a continuous effect of pain relief.

Pulses of energy are sent to the injury, which reduces the pain and inflammation of the back muscles. As it is not a drug, patients suffering from back pain will not have side effects associated with taking painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs. Also, many back pain sufferers say that the effect of this therapy is many times greater than that achieved by using drugs to manage the pain.


Actipatch Therapy Provides Back Pain Relief

BioElectronics Corporation (OTC-PINK: BIEL), the maker of disposable, inexpensive drug-free topical pain and healing devices, today announced the results of a customer survey.  The results indicate that patients using BIEL’s ActiPatch® therapy report a five-fold greater pain reduction than those using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory products such as ibuprofen and aspirin.


ActiPatch Therapy, which uses pulsed shortwave therapy based on large expensive machines used in clinics and hospitals, was most frequently used to treat lower back pain by participants in the survey.  Lower back pain is a major health problem in western industrialized countries and a major cause of medical expenses and disablement.


“The most widely used OTC drugs have a significant number of side effects, are minimally effective and have only short-term symptomatic relief,” said Ian Rawe, Ph.D., BioElectronics Director of Clinical Research. “In comparison, ActiPatch users who participated in the survey had a five-fold greater pain reduction than persons using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, based on a comparison to published clinical data. Additionally, with ActiPatch’s all-day safe pain relief, people can resume their normal daily activities.”


“We are very pleased by the results of our consumer survey, which confirms our clinical studies in which ActiPatch users as compared to users of OTC pain medications, have greater pain relief and an improved quality of life,” Dr. Rawe said. “An increased consumer awareness of the dangers of overuse of oral analgesics such as acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs has significantly altered the competitive landscape for pain management therapeutics. There is significant need for an improved efficacy, competitively priced over-the-counter therapeutic agent with no side-effects.”
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In most developed countries, lower back pain is a big problem. The problem of back pain causes businesses to lose many work days due to sickness absence by employees. Not only does this cause a financial loss, but employees suffering from back pain can no longer spend their days in the same way.  There are many treatments available.  Each treatment is thoroughly researched to reveal its benefits.

A common treatment is using oral drugs for pain relief and dealing with inflammation of tissues. Actipatch therapy provides back pain relief without the use of drugs. This therapy has proved to be more effective compared to oral drugs to the patients who experimented with this therapy. The education of patients about the dangers of using painkillers for long periods often changes their minds about using other forms of treatment.  Actipatch therapy provides back pain relief to sufferers.


ActiPatch® is an innovative micro medical pulsed shortwave device that restores injured cells to relieve pain and inflammation. This video explains more about the technology.




This video features Hudson Levy, Brand Manager of ActiPatch®, in which he discusses the technology and the benefits of the product relative to alternatives on the market.


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