AdaptiveStim Back Pain Relief


AdaptiveStim Back Pain Relief

AdaptiveStim Back Pain Relief Is An Option For Lower Back Pain Sufferers

AdaptiveStim back pain relief is a system of neurostimulation that is used to treat patients that experience chronic back pain or leg pain. It is a revolution in treating chronic back pain. This system of treatment is mainly based on the technology of sensor of motion. The technology of sensor motion is regularly used in smart phones and computer games.


AdaptiveStim automatically recognizes and remembers the relationship between change in posture and position of the body, and the quantity of stimulation that is needed for a particular patient using this treatment. Many of the patients have experienced relief from back pain that was not effectively eliminated by other treatments available. So, AdaptiveStim back pain relief is something to look forward to for those suffering from chronic back pain.


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AdaptiveStim Back Pain Relief

Lisa Gonzalez began suffering from chronic back pain when she was just 35 years old.


“Throughout the years, I’ve tolerated so much pain that there are things I just don’t remember,” she said. “The pain was so overwhelming it took over my mind and I have no recollection of some things that were important events in my life.”


Medications, injections and three surgeries failed to bring any lasting relief.


“I have a high tolerance for pain, but there was one day that I said ‘That’s it,'” she said.


Gonzalez turned to Mount Sinai Hospital orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. Jonathan Hyde who thought she was a good candidate for a device called AdaptiveStim.


“This is an implant that we put in the spine,” Hyde said. “There are wires from the device that attach to the spinal column. The wires emit electrodes that warp the pain waves.”


Instead of feeling pain, Hyde said patients will feel a pulsing sensation, a sort of buzzing feeling, from the electromagnetic waves.


“We have to carefully screen our prospective patients. We put them through a trial with an external device before we implant the AdaptiveStim because we want to be sure they understand how it feels and what it will accomplish,” he said.


Once implanted, patients control the device through an external control, adjusting the level of stimulation to their own movements.


“Once the device knows what level of stimulation you need in what positions, it automatically adjusts to that through out your day,” Hyde said.


Gonzalez said she felt a difference almost immediately.


“It’s on 24 hours a day. I increase it when I need to increase it, I lower it when I need to lower it. It’s my buddy, it’s my pal for the rest of my life,” she said.


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AdaptiveStim back pain relief is such a user-friendly technology, and it is an innovative system that anybody can use anywhere. When the device is implanted in the spinal system, the patient is given the control to operate it depending on their needs that is controlled by a programmer held in their hand. However, depending on the position of the body, it is up to the patient that they do not overstimulate or under-stimulate their spine. So, correct adjustment is configured manually by the patient to get the most effect from this treatment.


Millions of people are affected by back pain on a regular basis to an extent that it disrupts their daily lifestyle. This condition can often be so disabling and depressing that individuals suffering from chronic back pain are affected physically and emotionally. AdaptiveStim back pain relief is an option, and a solution to these sufferers.


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