Alternative Back Pain Relief Methods: Chiropractic and Acupuncture


Alternative Back Pain Relief Methods: Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Alternative Back Pain Relief Methods: Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Most of us suffer from back pain at some stage of our lives, either at a young age or later on in life for some people. Different people choose different treatments for the relief of their back pain. Some people just take painkillers that are available over the counter and others may opt for a surgery. But none of these treatments are perfect, with some only providing temporary relief.


There are also two other alternative back pain relief methods: chiropractic and acupuncture. Acupuncturists will first try to locate the points of pain and put needles on that point to release that particular muscle to relieve the pain. Chiropractors mainly concentrate on adjusting the vertebrae, massaging the tissue and stimulating the nervous system. This recent article discusses in detail these alternative methods of back pain relief.


 Alternative Back Pain Relief Methods: Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Most back pain, however, doesn’t require surgical intervention, according to Strugar and Cammisa. Other forms of treatment that were once considered alternative are now being offered by many spine centers.


Acupuncture, for instance, is often used to relieve pain. “This is one in a gamut of interventions that I think can help people,” says Strugar. According to Arya Nielsen, M.S., M.A., L.Ac., a licensed acupuncturist at Beth Israel’s Center for Health and Healing (CHH) in Manhattan, N.Y., one of the reasons acupuncture works is because it stimulates the production of endorphins, which can help relieve pain.


Acupuncturists identify the area where the pain is located by looking for muscle constriction. They then place needles in points that release those muscles. “Most pain, even if it involves a disc problem, is preceded by a musculoskeletal problem,” says Nielsen. But other factors can play a part, she says. Nielsen works with her patients to identify other factors that could be contributing to the problem. For example, eliminating caffeine, which Nielsen says is pro-inflammatory, and changing your eating habits by eating less at night, could help alleviate pain.


Another technique taught in acupuncture schools that doesn’t involve needles is GuaSha. This involves pressured stroking using a smooth instrument. According to Nielsen, it moves the blood stagnation and brings immediate pain relief.


Chiropractic can also help with a problem back. “Chiropractic can be helpful for acute episodes of muscular back pain,” says Cammisa. Newer lower-force and no-force techniques may be more appropriate for this problem, according to Karen Erickson, D.C., a chiropractor at CHH. Deep tissue massage and using very light contacts to stimulate the nervous system to try to return normal function are two examples. Erickson also uses the sacral occipital technique to help back pain sufferers. Blocks covered with padding are placed at strategic points under the spine, which is then realigned using the person’s body weight. She says that a big part of her job is matching up the patient with the appropriate technique.


Like acupuncture, chiropractic also takes into consideration lifestyle factors that could be affecting the problem. One of these is stress. “Stress can trigger real physical neck and back problems,” says Erickson. A lot of injuries happen during times of great stress because it compromises the nervous system so that it’s vulnerable, she says.


Chiropractors may also talk to their patients about work habits. Using a headset for talking on the phone and changing the height of a keyboard can have an effect on back pain, as can sleeping and sitting positions.


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However, after all is said and done, back pain is likely not to be so common if some preventive measures are practised. The right kind of lifestyle with stress relieving exercises and physical exercise can do the trick. Not only that, healthy eating habits and the right kind of diet is also an essential part of staying clear of back pain issues.


Concentrating on maintaining the correct posture and correcting it with exercise at the right time is also important to prevent issues relating to back pain. But, if after all these things you still get back pain, and over the counter medications and surgery have not helped, then alternative back pain relief methods chiropractic and acupuncture are also great options that you can choose.


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