Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery By German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt


While America is using technology for treatment of chronic back pain, which is 10 years old, German doctors have found an innovative method of treatment through artificial disk replacement surgery saccording to this article. German Doctor, Thomas Bierstedt, has worked wonders in artificial disk replacement explaining to patients what they can expect from surgery and the harmless technology used in the process to dispel any fears of undergoing the operation.
Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery by German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt, has proved that this innovative method, which involves replacing the degenerated thin disk with a Titanium M-6 disc that is implanted in its place. In this article, Dr. Bierstedt explains that by studying the first X-Ray reports, he can advise on the necessity of disc replacement surgery.



Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery By German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt

As a patient suffering from unrelenting low back pain, if at least six months of aggressive conservative (nonsurgical) treatment has failed to help, and especially if the pain and other symptoms are making it difficult to complete everyday activities, then back surgery may be an option to bring about pain relief and restore one’s ability to function

Americans are realizing some of the best treatments for something like chronic back pain, may not be found in this country. German doctors say America is using technology they had 10 years ago and they’re now flying here to prove it and recruit patients.


American doctors told Judy Whittlesey she’d need a full spinal fusion for her degenerative disk disease.


Judy: “Like a cement block is what my spine would have been, I would have not been able to bend.”


She found German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt. He preforms Artificial Disk Replacement surgery using technology not approved by the F-D-A in the U.S.


Judy: “Take out the old degenerate, degenerated thin disk and they implant a titanium M-6 disk.”


Vicki suffered from chronic pain due to disk herniation. Dr.Bierstedt says the artificial disks used in her cervical spine are the closest thing to your bodies natural disks.


Vicky: “When I came out of surgery, I mean this may sound funny, but my pain was gone.”


This is Dr.Bierstedts first time coming to the states for a seminar like this. He says it’s a great opportunity to explain to a patient what they can expect from surgery, explain the technology, and also ease some of their fears of going under the knife in a foreign country.


Dr.Bierstedts: “I can have the first picture of the patients and of their problems of the pain and so it’s much more better, I can much more better say if a surgery helps the patient.”


The testimonials show how beneficial a surgery like this can be..but one major downfall might be the price tag. For just one disc replacement it will run you around 30 thousand dollars…maybe that’s why more and more millionaire celebrities are opting to go all the way around the world for treatment.


Dr.Bierstedt is headed to Denver next.


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Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery by German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt has proved that by replacing a thin degenerated disc with a Titanium M-6 disc, a patient is able to recover fully from chronic back pain. While American doctors have been using outdated technologies, patients are keen to have this surgery. Dr. Bierstedt believes that by explaining the merits of the technology adopted for conducting this surgery, a patient is able to overcome their fears, and in the process they can recover fully from chronic back pain. Testimonials showcases the success of this type of surgery, but the only factor that concerns patients is the abnormally high expenses. However, you might feel like the Bionic Man after your surgery.



Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery is good for patients that have 1 or 2 level diseased discs. Video by Dr. G. “Ty” Thaiyananthan – Neurosurgical & Spine Surgeon.






A transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) is a type of spine surgery that involves approaching the spine from the back, or posterior, of the body to place bone graft between two vertebrae. The procedure may be performed using minimally invasive surgical techniques. This video is from Dr. Daniel  K. Park – Orthopedic Spine Surgeon.





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