Back Injuries From Golf


After years of playing golf, a golfer may experience arthritis in the knees, lower spine and hips. Improper posture involving long hours of stooping is the major cause of back injuries from golf. This causes stiffness in the knees and hips, which ultimately may have a debilitating effect causing inability to move freely. A new therapy for reducing the soreness called Microcurrent Therapy has been found to be effective in relieving injuries from golf according to this article. This method involves sending specific microcurrent frequencies to the tissues of the affected areas using electrodes and special Graphite gloves. The inflammation subsides, and the golfer improves after several sessions of this therapy.



Dr. Jim Suttie and Dr. Daniel Hurley give instruction to golfers who have had spinal and leg injuries to help them stay in the game.





Back Injuries From Golf

Golfer’s back


A few years ago, I was sidelined from playing golf with painful muscle spasms in my back. Acupuncturist Don Goldstein noticed me walking with a limp and bent to one side, and he offered me an invitation to stop by his office for a look.


“You may not get better,” he said “but you won’t get any worse.”


His free consultation was an offer I couldn’t refuse.


I set up an appointment and after a few treatments, I was up and moving again. Not perfect, but only a few weeks from being back in top form. That was my introduction to a pain easing treatment called Microcurrent Therapy.


Golfer’s body


After years of playing competitive golf, I started to experience the slow onslaught of increasingly stiff and painful knees and hips. It became difficult for me to bend over, to go up and down the stairs without holding onto the railing, and the simple task of getting in and out of the car was becoming a painful chore. I knew I was much too young to feel this damn old.

soreness from playing golf

Lumbar soreness from golf is very common - watch the videos below for help


A review of my X-rays showed that I had arthritis in both knees, my lower spine, and in my left hip. I was told that this inflammation was contributing to my stiffness and soreness and inhibiting my motion. So now that I was diagnosed, I was eager to find relief and the sooner the better. Again I contacted Don Goldstein.


The treatment


For my typical treatment, I would recline with pillows supporting me so I was in a relaxed and level posture. The painful affected areas were covered with warm damp towels that would allow broad, flexible skin coverage and provide good conductivity. Then, electrodes and a special graphite glove were employed to help direct the specific microcurrent frequencies to the targeted tissues. These micro currents are so weak that they don’t stimulate the sensory nerves. So there was no shock-like sensations – I felt nothing.


My treatments involved several sessions, each one providing me with an increasing degree of relief. I had no side effects either during or after the treatment. All that was required of me was to stay highly hydrated before and after the treatments.


Today, I am playing golf again, going up and down the steps without the railing, and I’m moving around like a guy my age should be able to.


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Back injuries from golf are a common ailment, and among the different therapies applied for relief from back injuries from golf, a new method of treatment known as Microcurrent Therapy has been found to be useful in a significant way. Several sessions of this therapy can now bring back the smile to the golfers who have become unable to hold their club due to stiffness in the knees, spine, and hips; however, do not use this as an excuse for your handicap.



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