Back Pain Relief and Treatment Options


If you are a back pain sufferer, talk to your doctor about what treatment options are best for you

Back pain is a common phenomenon among us, especially if you are above 30 years of age. Back pain may arise due to degenerative disc disease, injury to the soft tissues, both of which may result in minor to severe back pain, or from accident damage.


Remedies for back pain relief include medicinal treatment and stretching exercises through to surgery.
Fixing back pain may take either a short or long time depending upon the extent of damage to the spinal discs and the surrounding tissues and nerves, but there are some main problems associated with fixing back pain that may arise during the course of treatment. The following are some examples of back pain relief and treatment options.


  • Cold Laser Therapy is a modern technique for relief of back pain, but this method needs the patient to attend for treatment at least two to three times. This is not always ideal, so it could be seen as a negative factor. Even after this treatment, back pain may still persist. Many medical insurance companies do not cover the expenses for Cold Laser Therapy.


    • Treadmill exercises can have a bad effect on the back due to the cushioned running surface, which will cause stress on the hips, ankle joints, and the knees.


    • IDD therapy for treatment of back pain is not available through all chiropractors. Therefore, locating a clinic for this type of treatment may be difficult. It may also involve high costs due to non-availability of professionals in this discipline.


    • Chiropractic treatment involving spinal manipulation may be risky for those suffering from osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, compression of the spinal cord, and those who take medicines for thinning the blood.


    • Although acupuncture is considered to be an effective method of treatment for back pain, those who suffer from a blood disorder or are taking medicine for thinning the blood may find this treatment risky. Unsterilized needles may cause infection, which may aggravate matters.


    • Therapeutic massage treatment for back pain is a costly affair, and it is also time consuming. Massage can cause nerve-related illness, sub-dermal and dermal bruising. Many would not like to be semi-naked while undergoing the massage. Sometimes, you may have to carry the odor of the body oil around with you.


    • Using diffusers generated by heat can heat up the entire room temperature causing harm to your furnishings as well as personal discomfort. If you are using a candle diffuser, it is necessary to keep a replacement candle, which at times may be difficult.


    • Painkillers have many side effects, which may be felt in the long run during or after a course of treatment for back pain. Not all people are advised to take pain killers and the advice of a doctor is necessary.


    • Static stretching exercises do not stimulate all the muscles and nerves in the body, so it is limited to the natural range of motion of the body.


  • Surgery is the last resort for back pain relief because it is a painful process. It usually involves high cost without being guaranteed of permanent cure.


Michael Perry, M.D., Medical Director of Laser Spine Institute, explains the various conservative back pain relief and treatment options patients may try in the attempt to relieve chronic back and neck pain.


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