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Back pain is a very common ailment that people suffer from all over the world. Many sufferers would be relieved to find out that unless the pain persists for more than a few weeks most of the pain will go away on its own without needing any treatment. People can often relieve their back pain by themselves at home with basic methods, and the pain will disappear without them seeking medical help.
This self-care guide offers ideas for back pain relief at home.


Home remedies can help prevent and soothe back pain. Learn the simple measures you can take to keep your back healthy and pain-free


There is a false belief which suggests that if you move when you have back pain, it will make the pain worse. Some people even think that if you stay lying down whenever the pain occurs, it helps. Nowadays, these beliefs are thought to be rather old-fashioned. Doctors now suggest that patients should continue with their daily activities rather than lie still which they argue may make the pain worse.



Dr. Dave David shares four simple ways to relieve back pain at home, offering advice on how to stretch, sit and sleep witch sore muscles.


There are some common practices that can be done yourself at home to help ease the pain. When you get the pain for the first time, do not panic. It is advisable to take things easy but to still continue with your normal, daily activities.  Movement of the body can actually help to ease the pain as the muscles are exercised and this helps the muscles to be strengthened. If there is a lack of movement, the muscles will become weak and go into a dormant condition. To avoid this, try not to lie down for longer than two days. However, people have to choose their daily exercises carefully so not to strain their back. They should choose exercises that are light for the first couple of days until their back starts to get better.



Dr. William Booker from Capital Rehab in Arlington demonstrates a 3-phase exercise designed to increase movement in the middle thoracic region.



Although it is advisable to carry on with your daily activities when suffering with back pain,  there are certain measures that you should take so that you do not worsen the pain. First of all, be sure not to bend so that it strains your back or push or lift heavy weights. This can often make the pain worse. Whenever you are lying down or trying to get some sleep, make sure that there is a pillow between your legs and that you lie sideways as this helps to relieve some of the pressure off your back.



If you have lower back (lumbar) or sciatic pain and weakness or stress throughout the day, this is an easy stretch you can do right in your chair at work or at home. It will help strengthen and stabilize those areas for you. This video is by Dr. Christopher Frey of Circle Chiropractic Center



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