Back Pain Relief Costs $100 Billion Per Year


Did you know that back pain relief costs $100 billion dollars per year?  And that is only the spending on back pain for the USA alone! What about for the rest of the world? It would be close to a trillion dollars. Absolutely staggering numbers. That is why we have to provide lots and lots of good information on this site for sufferers of back pain.

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Back Pain Relief Costs $100 Billion Per Year

back pain costing $100 Billion each year

Did You Know That Back Pain Relief Costs $100 Billion Per Year. Not Even Bill Gates Can Afford Treatment At That Rate!

A survey sponsored by the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, showed that from 1992 to 2006, chronic low back pain doubled in the state of North Carolina alone. Estimated healthcare-associated costs for this diagnosis in the United States reach about $100 billion dollars a year.


Treating chronic low back pain is challenging for both the patient and provider. It requires logical approach. The provider must determine a treatment plan based on the pathophysiology of the disease process, and the patient must have realistic expectations for how well the plan will improve their symptoms.


There are risk factors that can be easily identified to prevent the development of chronic low back pain and subsequent need for treatment. Avoiding the use of tobacco, engaging in lifestyle modification to prevent obesity, using proper body mechanics or other mechanisms to assist in physically strenuous work environments, and adequately managing stress in physiologically demanding work or home environments, will aid in preventing low back pain.


Discussing these modifiable risk factors with patients and aiding in the modification of their lifestyle to prevent chronic low back pain are challenging but necessary if we expect to decrease the incidence of low back pain nationwide.


Maintaining the spine’s well being will undoubtedly improve an individual’s health. Preventing the development of chronic pain will improve an individual’s ability to complete daily living activities and maintain an adequate quality of life.


Although the spine is an importance aspect of health, identifying and modifying risk factors through engaging in preventative health activities is the key to achieving good health from head to toe, and is the backbone of primary care.


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It surprised me that back pain relief costs $100 billion per year. This amount is unbelievably high and that’s just for those diagnosed with lower back pain alone. So how much more do you think would it cost if everybody who’s actually suffering from all sorts of back pain was diagnosed?


Back pain relief is undoubtedly a concern we should all be paying attention to. Whether it’s just minimal pain or severe back pain, especially severe back pain, get yourself checked if it lasts for several days. Listen to your body; if the pain gets recurring, don’t wait until your mobility is suspended before you take action. Exercise and move around to avoid stressing your body, more importantly your spine. Live a healthy lifestyle: eat healthy, exercise, and observe proper posture. Even the simple practice of keeping a good posture helps a lot in back pain relief and preventing serious complications.


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