Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy Exercises


back pain relief during pregnancy exercises

Back pain relief during pregnancy exercises can help with back pain and overall well being

This recent article about back pain relief during pregnancy exercises from India outlines the importance women these days are putting on being fit and healthy during and after pregnancy. With all the pressure on women from the media through celebrities being back to normal 2 weeks after giving birth, more and more women are opting to exercise during pregnancy.


It should be noted that women undertaking these regimens should in no way “do it yourself”. Please ensure that with any exercise routines, especially when pregnant, that you get advice from qualified fitness expert or your local doctor.


Here is the article with some interesting stats about the increases in women exercising during pregnancy.



Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy Exercises


Rita Singha, a city-based physiotherapist says: “It was a rage in the metro cities a long way back, but in Ahmedabad it is still a fresh idea and slowly gaining strength. The number of expectant women opting for classes to remain fit has risen more than two fold.”


Gynaecologist Dr Chirag Amin says that the number of women who want to remain fit during the nine months has gone up from a mere 5% of his patients to 20-30%.


Dr Amin stresses that pregnant women should under no circumstances exercise without supervision. He explains, “When somebody exercises vigorously, the body produces lactic acid which is not good. The safest exercise that we ask pregnant women to do is walk but with regular breaks.”


It is not just the numbers that have gone up but the demographics of the patients are also changing. Singha says that now she has a mixture of working women and housewives, even within the group of housewives, 20-30% are women who have worked at some point in their life. “This is one of the reasons for this drastic change,” she says. Also, even those women who are not getting support from their family members are coming in for these exercises,she adds.


Experts in the field say that these exercises are recommended in the second trimester of pregnancy. “In the first trimester 10-12% mothers miscarry naturally,” explains Binafer Lalkaka, a fitness counsellor.


The exercises are of a mild nature, usually ranging from aerobics, yoga and cardio exercises. “We recommend light exercises, which are meant for circulation and lead the mother towards a natural birth,” she says.


Says Singha: “During pregnancy, women face so much discomfort like back pain and indigestion. We try and get rid of those problems with stretches, squats and other exercises.”


Read the article from DNA India here



Back pain relief during pregnancy exercises are fantastic for you if done under strict instruction, and done in moderation. As with anything, if you go overboard there are bound to be problems. Just consult your fitness adviser or doctor.


Very interesting numbers showing how exercise during pregnancy is becoming more popular in India. The numbers are likely to be even higher in the west.


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This pregnancy workout video brings you a 10 minute pregnancy exercise routine for pregnancy back pain.






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