Back Pain Relief For Women


Back pain in women is mainly due to sporadic activities, injury due to accident, or it can occur during pregnancy. Carrying too heavy a weight, stooping down to mop up the floor, and doing other household chores in an improper posture can lead to back pain. Women are prone to back pain during pregnancy due to carrying extra weight, and at some time due to sitting for long periods. Women are advised to follow certain postures while walking, sitting, and reaching after they have given birth, as measures for back pain relief for women in this article.



Back Pain Relief For Women


Physical therapy during pregnancy can prove to be useful for remedying common discomforts like back pain or for enhancing your body’s ability to have an easier and smoother pregnancy and birth.

Women carry a heavy load. Sometimes it’s just too heavy. Sixty percent of women suffer with chronic back pain whether it’s due to pregnancy, injury or something sporadic.


A car accident was the onset of expectant mother Remya Lee’s back troubles. It happened a few years ago. Her aches and pains returned when she got pregnant.


“Things got better and then I got pregnant and that pain ended up coming back again,” Lee said.


She sought professional help and is undergoing physical therapy to deal with the pain again.


“There are times when I’m walking and in the middle of it, I stop and pause,” said Lee. “There are times when I’m laughing, it hurts. Any daily activities you do, it takes a toll on it.”


Injuries are a major cause of back pain, but there is no shortage of triggers. Dr. Yana Finkelshteyn, a physician with Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, has found the majority of her patients’ backs bother them.


“That has a lot to do with the design of the spine and our modern lifestyles,” said Dr.Finkelshteyn. “A lot of us are sitting all day long. That seems to be a trigger. With sporadic activities, sometimes people will injure their spines. With women, we also have the added pressures of having to carry pregnancies which can definitely trigger back pain.”


After giving birth, some women are cautioned to be mindful of how they sit, walk and even reach.


“Women do the majority of housework still,” Dr.Finkelshteyn explained. “They’re bending over to mop. They can injure their back. Bending over to pick up the 3-year-old, they may injure their back.”


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Some of the main causes of back pain in women are injury to the spine due to sporadic activities, improper posture while sitting and walking and carrying excess weight. While some men might see this as a great excuse to get out of doing the housework, it is no laughing matter. Women also tend to suffer from back related problems during pregnancy due to carrying extra weight, or while indulging in household chores by stooping or picking up heavy items can also lead to back pain. Long hours of sitting and improper ways of walking may also lead to back pain. After giving birth, women are advised to keep to proper postures while carrying on any activity and to be mindful while sitting, stretching, and walking as a measure for back pain relief for women.



It is important to diagnose what is causing the back pain. Causes of back pain in pregnancy are discussed in this video by Andrea Soonius – Chiropractor at  Elite Therapy.




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