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There are various over-the-counter medicines for relieving back pain temporarily. Attention should be paid to how the patient is coping with the pain to make sure that they recover as soon as possible. If the back pain persists for a long period of time, whether it is acute or chronic, it may result in the patient suffering from depression. As the pain prevents the patient from being able to get a good night’s sleep, the situation may become too bad for them to bear. They may become unable to continue with their daily life and with exercises that kept them healthy before. This is why back pain should be combatted before it leads to such problems.


Learn about the different types of pain medication used for pain relief.


The most common over-the-counter pain relieving pills are Tylenol, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. There are also anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil that can also be administered to relieve pain. Advil and Tylenol can be taken at the same time because each of the pills work differently to reduce pain. The patient can take the two in a gap of about two hours if he is experiencing severe pain. This can be repeated but is not recommended for extended use.



Over-the-counter pain relievers that have codeine as an active ingredient are now subject to new regulations including how much you can buy and how you can get access to them. Dr Norman Swan explains the new regulations and why over-the-counter pain relievers shouldn’t be taken lightly.



There are pain medicines that are narcotic in nature. These medicines are prescribed by health care professionals and are not available over the counter. There are also anti-depressant medicines and anti-seizure medications that are prescribed to get rid of severe bouts of pain. However these medications may not work immediately and will need to be taken for longer periods of time.



This video is from  Dr. Vijay Vad, M.D. – Official PGA and Pro-Tennis Tour Doctor. He guides you through the drugstore shelves and discusses the different pain killing options available.



It is very important that you consult a medical practitioner before taking back pain relief pills as they may have side effects or interact badly with other pills that you may be taking on a regular basis for some other health condition. The patient needs to be extra careful if he is already suffering from a serious disease like diabetes etc.



When we have aches and pains, a lot of us reach for over-the-counter pain relief medications. Ryan Doggett, physician’s assistant at Central Florida Pain Management says that regularly taking multiple over the counter pain pills a day is not a long term solution to pain, and the side effects could cause health risks.



You should always read the information provided about the medication when purchased over the counter. If you feel that it may affect you negatively, seek medical attention immediately. Ensuring that you know the side effects and dangers of a medicine from the label or from a doctor helps to avoid any circumstances that may make things worse instead of making it better.


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