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We are always inundated with tips and secrets for getting rid of any pain we might be experiencing in our bodies. When it comes to back pain relief tips, everyone is an armchair expert. The key is listening to the RIGHT advice, and not so called secrets from people who are not qualified health specialists and give out advice willy nilly as if they have done 10 years of study on the subject.


Often listening to the wrong advice can get you into more trouble. Sounds silly, but it is a very common occurence.


This article was put together by Dr Salim M Hayek, associated professor of anesthesiology and perioperative medicine, School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University. He is the type of qualified medical professional that you should take note of in this case.


Alternatively, if you were to get back pain advice from Selma Hayek the actress for example, then that would just be asking for trouble.


back pain relief tips

Even Though She May Be Able To Act Like A Doctor, You Probably Shouldn't Be Getting Back Pain Advice From Selma Hayek! (Photo by Georges Biard)



Back Pain Relief Tips

Keeping your back healthy


Lifestyle changes are the back bone of a healthy spine and back, consider doing the following to reduce your risk of back pain:


    • Quit smoking — Smoking reduces blood flow to the spine which speeds up the degeneration of the spinal discs.
    • Stretch before exercising (stretching should never hurt — if it hurts then it is doing more harm than good).
    • When lifting heavy objects, lift with your knees, tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your head down and in line with your back.
    • Vary your position when sitting and take time to walk around and stretch.
    • Sleep on a firm surface and on your side, if possible (this reduces the curve of your spine).
  • If you’re overweight, make weight loss a priority because more weight encourages the spine to unnaturally curve.


Strengthen your core muscles

Strong core muscles including the “abs” are critical for reducing back pain. Indeed, the abdominal wall muscles splint the anterior section of our body between the rib cage and the pelvis providing much needed support to the spine in lifting the upper body. Regular core muscle strengthening exercises can go a long way in reducing low back pain.


Treating back pain

Treatment of back pain depends on the source of the pain and the amount of time since the pain was first noticed. Acute back pain can be treated with home remedies and often does not require a visit to the doctor. If the pain is not interfering with your daily life and is not affecting your ability to move, then there are steps you can take to reduce the pain you are experiencing.


    • The use of cold and hot compresses may reduce pain and inflammation in some people. After the pain is first noticed, cold compresses should be applied several times a day for a maximum of 20 minutes.
    • Following 2 to 3 days of this treatment, warms baths or hot pads can be used for short periods to relax muscles and aid blood flow.
    • Since back pain often stems from inflammation, ibuprofen is a good over-the-counter option for treating your back pain. It works to stop the substance that causes inflammation at the site of injury, which reduces pressure on the nerves and subsequently reduces the pain.
    • Exercising, particularly to strengthen the abdominal muscles, helps to gently stretch the back muscles and eases pain. Good activities to accomplish this include yoga, swimming and walking as well as strengthening exercises directed at the “abs.”
    • Spinal manipulation and massage therapies work to return blood flow and restore the movement of the back.
    • Licensed specialists like chiropractors may be helpful in cases of muscle strain.
  • Similarly, skilled massage therapists can sense swelling in the back muscles and can use certain “hands-on” techniques to stretch the muscles and aid blood flow.


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Get Some Back Pain relief Tips

Best To Get Advice From A Qualified Medical Professional Like Dr Salim Hayek

If you try each of these tips at least once, then pick 3 that you feel are helping you the most – and try and do them each day – within 2-3 weeks you should start seeing some improvement in your condition. These back pain relief tips are easy to follow, and it is all about discipline and maintaining them. Try not to give up after a few days if you don’t feel improvement. You need to persist.


Even the best back pain treatment options often take time to kick in and work.


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