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Advancement in medical science has opened up many options for back pain relief, which include using medication and alternative medicine therapies. While some have proved to be very effective in reducing back and neck pain to a considerable extent, other uses are still debatable. Here are some effective ways to get relief from back pain whether they are insignificant or become chronic.


• The first option is to use antidepressant and anti-inflammatory drugs for reducing the inflammation and pain. Medicines belonging to the NSAID group have been found to be effective while use of muscle relaxants helps in reducing muscle spasms. Use of Opioids are also beneficial for the relief of neck and back pain. Steroids are often used where the pain has become chronic. Corticosteroids have also been found to be useful where antidepressants and anti-inflammatory drugs have proved to be of little effect. Doctors often prescribe anti-seizure and antidepressant drugs, which fall under Adjuvant therapies for back pain relief.


• Acupuncture is a proven method for relief from back pain. The pain is due to the blockage of energy within the invisible pathway that can be removed by inserting needles which in turn sends signals to the brain for enabling the nervous system to relax. Through this process, opoids, which are natural pain relievers, hormones, and neurochmicals are released in the body to relieve the pain.


• Vitamin D and B12 deficiency are linked with issues of back pain. Having fish with small bones, cereals, and fortified milk helps in the nourishment of the blood. Intake of Vitamin B12 helps in reducing pain along with numbness, irritation, and the tingling sensation in the limbs and back.


• The use of Capsaicin Cream has been found to be useful during the initial stages of back pain. This cream reduces the neurochemicals within the body that causes pain. It should be used four times a day while keeping your eyes protected.


• Music therapy reduces depression, anxiety, and disability, which are the causes of back pain. This therapy has been successful for many patients suffering from back pain as well as depression.


Information About Back Pain Relief


• White Willow tree bark, acts like aspirin, and is effective for reducing back pain. The bark turns into Salicylic acid within the body to help reduce back pain and inflammation of the muscles.


• Yoga is a useful exercise and an effective one for back pain relief. It brings into play body balance and increases the flexibility and strength of the muscles. Yoga is useful for reducing chronic mild back pain.


• Breathing techniques can also be useful for reducing back pain because proper breathing exercises creates body awareness. A mind and body relation reduces pain.


• Stretching exercises are found very fruitful to those who have done it on regular basis. Backward and forward stretches and exercises with some tools are fruitful ways of reducing back pain.


• Another effective therapy for reducing back and neck pain is massage therapy. This reduces depression and anxiety considerable and prevents the back pain aggravate. Proper and regular massage releases any tension, which is a major cause for back pain.


• Chiropractic treatment has become popular with more people opting for this type of therapy. This involves manipulation of the spinal cord to restore the mobility and flexibility in the joints resulting in the back pain subsiding.


• Proper postures and body movements are essential to prevent back injury that could result in chronic back and neck pain. Alexander Theory educates persons to keep to proper postures and take precautions in sudden movements of the body.


• It is often observed that the ligaments and muscle tendons of the back do not heal completely after injury. Through Prolotheraphy, back pain relief may be obtained. This involves injecting a fluid into the soft tissues to enhance the natural healing response within the body. The tendons and ligaments are repaired and substantial relief from back pain has been obtained.


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