Back Pain Remedies While Driving Or Sitting


People who suffer from back pain need to review their sitting and driving habits because this either instigates the backache or aggravates an already existing one. Now the question in your mind may be – How is sitting and driving harmful to one’s posture? Now, if you think about it an average person could be driving for an hour or two a day and lead a sedentary working life which involves sitting for hours in an office which could put extra load on that spine.

One of the most effective ways to relieve back pain while driving or sitting is to support the area affected, and do your best to sit with correct posture at all times.

If you look at the working of the spine you notice it has a slight curve and when we sit or drive that natural curve is lost and it puts a great amount of pressure on the discs of the spine. To make matters worse we tend to not sit with the right posture, either slouching or reclining that can be pretty burdensome for the spine. When driving too we tend to make our seating comfortable by adjusting our seats in a reclining angle to adjust our leg space and to compensate for the low seating arrangement in the car. All these factors followed by the vibrating movement of the car can cause great damage to our back. Even sitting for long hours can be quite a problem for the vertebrae of the spine.


So here are some back pain remedies while driving or sitting.


  • Get Upright: adjust the seat in such a way that it is just a few degrees reclined from the vertical upright position. In the beginning it may be uncomfortable but your body will soon get used to it, without hurting the spine

  • Adjust the height of your seat so that you don’t have to lean forward, crane your neck or stretch while driving.

  • Support your spine by keeping a cushion or a rolled towel in the place where there is a gap between the seat back support and the spine’s natural curve. Sit upright with proper support from the cushion.

  • Use spine supporting products available in the market that can be placed on the car seat or office chair to support the curve of the spine without hurting your back and giving you a comfortable reclining position.

  • While in the car or office take a break from sitting by getting up and moving on your feet for some time. Also throw in a couple of stretching exercises to stretch your back while you are off that seat of the car or office chair.

  • Rub your back occasionally especially the small of your back to increase blood circulation.


All these tips should help you get that spine in excellent condition no matter how much time you drive around in your car or work seated in the chair.


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