Best Back Pain Treatment Using Natural Remedies


If the back pain is a result of dietary deficiencies or stressed out muscles and the doctor has ruled out disorders of the spine then back pain treatment using natural remedies is possible.
The following natural remedies can be helpful:
Use of a good quality mattress: if your mattress does not support your spine then you could be heading for problems.
Use specially designed pillows: They bolster your body and give you ample support so that you feel comfortable either while sleeping, driving, or working in an office chair.
Use supportive belts for the back: There are various support belts available in the market and on suggestion from your doctor you could choose the right one for you and these belts by giving support offer stability and comfort to the back.

Natural remedies for back pain promote long-term pain relief.

Natural herbs and natural plant based extracts: These are available in forms of creams, emollients, balms or lotions to be applied on areas of pain or taken systemically to get comfort. They contain extracts of ginger, turmeric, capsicum, Sweet Clover , Saint John’s Wort etc. to name a few.
Yoga:Enrolling in a gentle yoga program can help with back pain as it improves flexibility of the body
Massage: specially designed massage techniques to manipulate stress points, tension knots and muscle spasms in the back can help to relieve tired and aching muscles or even helps heal the injured soft tissues of the back.
Alternate therapies: Trying acupuncture, chiropractic techniques and ancient sciences of natural medicine like Ayurveda to help you in eliminating back pain
Vitamin and Mineral supplements: Studies have found that back pains and general body pains, muscular and joint pains become common when there are deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in our body and apart from good nutritional intake one has to supplement these necessary supplements in the diet on the advice of the doctor. Vitamin B group are helpful in promoting the good health of your muscles and nerves and a deficiency could trigger of nerve related pain problems in the back. Even the lack of Vitamin D in our body could offset pain.

Also important minerals like Iron, magnesium and Calcium when deficient in the body could cause a lot of problems related to pain in the back and other parts of the body. Using quality vitamin and mineral rich supplements and also omega three (fatty acids) supplements could show significant improvement in an individual’s quality of life by alleviating pains and aches.
Stress Relief:  finding ways of relieving stress to whittle away tensions in our body could help eradicate back pain and other body pains in general. Try deep breathing techniques, Pranayama, relaxing music, walks, vacations or aromatherapy. Even a visit to a spa can be of great help to de stress.
General fitness:
do take up some form of physical exercise and mild ones like walking even if it’s for ten minutes can help.
Quality nutrition: enrich your diet with quality fruits and vegetables and avoid smoking and alcohol and all these factors can help you in a natural way to eliminate pain from your life.


This video includes information regarding lower back pain, upper back pain, chronic back pain and effective pain relief treatment with chiropractor Dr. Carig McGiffin – from clearview wellness chiropractic.





This video is from San Jose boot camp instructor Becky Williamson and Registered Physical Therapist Erin Le Blanc – as they show you exercises to help alleviate low back pain.




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