Best Shoes For Back Pain Relief


For the sufferers of lower back pain, the kind of shoes they should wear needs to be thought about carefully. Although there is not any brand of shoes to name that support back pain sufferers that is proven by scientists, it is common sense for shoes to be appropriate for walking.  This is because most of us will use shoes for walking, so we should wear shoes that fit well, and they should be comfortable even if they are not the most fashionable ones to wear. For most women the reverse is true, and shoes are chosen for their fashion rather than comfort and purpose. 
Choosing comfortable shoes helps us to maintain a good posture while walking. However, the best shoes for back pain relief are always recommended by doctors and medical practitioners.


Best Shoes For Back Pain Relief

Nice looking shoes but will probably cause you back pain grief

No matter how great one’s love for fashionable footwear, uncomfortable shoes do serious damage to the body. “Who exactly is making you wear the heels?” asks Katy Bowman, a Ventura, Calif., biomechanical scientist and author of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief. “If you’ve got ‘wearing high heels’ listed on your job contract, please send it to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. That requirement shouldn’t be there,” she writes in her book. As if damage to the foot, knee, and spine weren’t bad enough, research by David Agus, professor of medicine and engineering at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, shows that inflammation caused by wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes every day for decades may even distract the body from general DNA repair and cancer prevention.


“Barefoot would be best, if we weren’t living in urban jungles,” says Bowman, 36, who often sports Tieks brand foldable flats. Unfortunately, many women don’t know how to look professional and be healthy at same time. Even athletic shoes and comfort shoes aren’t good for the body if they are heeled or stiff, so there’s now an opportunity for companies to compete in the healthy footwear category, she adds.


Thankfully, there are greater options for working women than puffy tennis sneakers. Bowman recommends four shoe brands and one heel insert. Rather than point to specific styles, Bowman says all  wearers need to see what best fits their feet—but as a general rule: “The less to a shoe, the better.”


Five footwear tips from Katy Bowman:


1. Avoid a pointy, super-narrow toe-box. The less space for toes, the greater chances of developing bunions and neuromas—and the more pressure is placed on toes when you’re upright.


2. Opened-back, slide-on footwear requires toe gripping that can lead to hammer toes and foot tension. Find a style with straps that keep the shoe attached to your body so your toes do not have to work.


3. If your ankles wobble with each step, you need either more hip strength or a better-shaped heel. In any event, wobbling around while walking tends to conjure up images of playing dress-up in mom’s closet.


4. Dropping an inch off your most frequented heel height is a great way to improve the state of the feet, knees, and back. It depends on your height, but a heel that’s less than two inches high is good. The ideal height is no heel. Placing your feet at any angle does some damage.


5. Invest in a pair of Italian, handmade flats. Find a pair of beautiful boots, embellished ballet flats, or a simple, yet classic, nude staple.





There are certain considerations to people who are looking to buy the best shoes for back pain relief. However, when you are thinking about reducing your back pain, you will need to find the main cause of the pain. If it seems to you that the shoes that you wear are making your feet unhappy, then this could easily be cause enough for various kinds of pain such as headache, reduction of mobility, etc. However, if we still carry on with the same shoes that are causing the pain, then it can easily result in knee and back pain. So, following the above mentioned tips while shopping for shoes, will definitely keep you away from any kind of back pain.


This video is from the Spinal Wellness Research Center. It discusses the proper mechanics as well as important shoe characteristics needed for lower back pain relief.





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