Pain In The Lower Back From Pregnancy

August 22nd, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  Pain in the lower back from pregnancy can be of concern in only a few cases where soreness and inflammation may be more severe during subsequent pregnancy, and as such, it has to be monitored. Hormonal changes within the body of a pregnant woman can cause destabilization of the joints due to loose joints and ligaments, which result in pain. Tension within the spine because of having to support the extra weight of the pregnancy through changes to the body shape causes swelling, which normally subsides after delivery. Instead of adopting a wait and watch approach, treatment may be started during the initial period of pregnancy after a mother has been convinced about their baby being unharmed.     Dr. Sadie Rausenberger explains why pregnant women develop low back   Read more…


Manipulation Techniques For Lower Back Pain

April 5th, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

The lack of exercise, poor posture, and improper lifting techniques can result in pain in the lower back. While rest and exercise may well address mild back soreness, severe chronic pain needs immediate treatment through different therapies that are compatible with the patient. Manipulation techniques for lower back pain have thrown light on rehabilitation from lower back issues in a significant way. Osteopathic manipulation is somewhat similar to chiropractic manipulation and has been proven to lessen the pain and rectify some of the causes of acute and chronic pain. Manipulation Techniques For Lower Back Pain The majority of the causes of back pain are related to not being in good shape. As we age, most of us don’t exercise daily. This causes the abdominal and back muscles to get weaker.   Read more…


Lower Back Pain Relief Tips

April 1st, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  It is a common misconception that bed rest can bring relief for lower back soreness. Instead, it may have an adverse effect according to this article. Low-key activities like swimming, walking, yoga and stretching are some of the lower back pain relief tips that help to provide relief from pain. Increased activity helps the spine to receive nutrients in the process of healing. Other key factors to keep you healthy are maintaining proper posture, using correct lifting techniques and maintaining a healthy weight. It is better to avoid high impact activities which may risk your spine. While you can be reassured of full recovery from uncomplicated pain in the lower back within 4 to 6 weeks, it is advisable to consult a physician if the pain still persists and   Read more…


Bad Back At Work

March 19th, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  Those who are required to sit for hours at a desk have increased possibility of a bad back at work because of poor posture, sedentary activities, and bad ergonomics. According to this article, this results in creating pressure on the spine and compression of the nerves leading to arthritis, herniated discs, and other back problems. The pain is likely to affect the back, buttocks, legs, and feet associated with muscular weakness, numbness, and pinching sensations all over the body. To overcome this problem, the best alternative is to strengthen the core muscles through proper exercises and a balanced nutritious diet. Strong muscles can take the pressure off the spine in a great way.     Bad Back At Work Each week, millions of Americans sit at work, typing away   Read more…


Lower Back Pain From Car Seats

March 17th, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  Prolonged hours of sitting in a poor ergonomic posture during desk work, while driving, or during household work may be the cause of lower back soreness. According to this article, lower back pain from car seats is often a result of the fact that most cars do not have their seats designed to provide the correct lumbar support. This may lead to incapacitating pain for weeks. Exercises for strengthening the core muscles and yoga may be useful, but spinal extension exercises can be of immense help to combat the effects of hours of sitting. Lumbar rolls also can come of great use in the car, as it helps in the proper alignment of the spinal cord, and provides support while recovering from acute lower back problems.     Lower   Read more…


Lower Back Pain In The Office

March 15th, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  Research work in this article reveals that there is a direct correlation between working with computers for long hours and neck and back issues. The main reason is simply a poor sitting posture and improper ergonomic arrangements in the office. Employers need to take care of employees who are required to work with computers for long hours through implementing OHS practices to prevent them from lower back pain in the office. Workplace exercise can be of immense help for those sitting throughout the day to avoid back and neck soreness, but also diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases.     Lower Back Pain In The Office   Office workers are in pain – and businesses need to do more to help them.   At least, that’s the finding of a   Read more…


Standing Desk For Back Pain Relief

February 17th, 2013 Posted in Lower back relief

  For those suffering from lower back problems due to improper posture while sitting for long hours at the desk, the ultimate solution has arrived with the innovation of a standing desk for back pain relief. Young people working from home and having to sit for prolonged hours are prone to back problems, which arise from stiffness in the neck through to lower back pain.   Lots of money is spent on trying to innovate solutions to improve our lives, including our working environment.  It is in everyone’s interest to ensure that we are healthy at work as many days are lost each year due to employees suffering with back injuries. Keeping your feet up on the desk or positioning them sideways can be the cause of poor posture, which   Read more…


Lower Back Problems in Children

December 23rd, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Lower back problems in children is becoming more common among younger children according to the following article. You need to be aware of the symptoms of back pain in children, which include fever or weight loss, weakness, numbness, pain radiating down the legs, and trouble while walking. Other symptoms are dysfunction of bladder or bowel and constant pain, which interferes with sleep.   While addressing the things that cause back problems in children, we can decrease the risks involved, which are the causes of pain. Most common of them is overuse of the back in course of injuries from sports, obesity, improper posture and incorrectly packing of school bag and carrying it on one shoulder or in one hand. Sedentary lifestyle extended wearing of flip-flops and problem at school   Read more…


Lower Back Pain And Running

December 13th, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Running is a high impact form of exercise. It is an activity that involves repetitive stress, often for long periods of time. People who are used to this sort of regular exercise and who suffer from pain may find that running may increase the pain or lead to other kinds of pain like sciatica, etc. When and if this happens, it is crucial to get the right treatment immediately. There are several good options to help ease your pain from running.     Nearly half of runners experience an injury each year. Keep running, and learn how to avoid painful injuries with iPrevent Running. By       Lower back pain and running are interconnected. It could come on during your warm ups or after running. Even bending   Read more…


Lower Back Pain and Pregnancy

December 9th, 2012 Posted in Lower back relief

  Lower back pain and pregnancy are interconnected and is something that more than 70% of women experience at one point of time or the other during their pregnancy. However, this generally occurs during the last couple of months. The main cause of this lower back pain during pregnancy is the various hormonal changes that happen in your body which is due to the fact that there is a tiny person growing inside of you. Due to the stretching of your body to accommodate the baby, your muscles weaken and your joints and ligaments stretch, causing this lower back pain.     Lower back pain is a common problem for pregnant women. In this video Dr. Jeff Echols of discusses how the extra weight of pregnancy can cause misalignments   Read more…