Chiropractor For Back Pain Relief While Running


Chiropractors offer an alternative treatment for relief of back pain. They mainly work the nervous system related to spine and neck, and they look into the alignment of the spine and neck. Athletes might use a Chiropractor for back pain relief while running or for other sports injuries. Back pain is mainly caused due to the damage of the tissues and muscles because they often get misaligned due to bad posture.


Chiropractor For Back Pain Relief While Running

Runners often get severe lower back pain - but there are ways to avoid it

After I ran my 14th half-marathon in Greer, S.C., in April 2010, I was getting burnt out. It was almost time for my wife to have our first baby, and my back was hurting. In addition, I was suffering from sciatica, a painful twinge down my right leg.


For these reasons, I severely cut back on my running and stopped doing half-marathons. I had hoped that simple rest would make my back feel better. This was wrong.


Fast forward to the fall of 2011. I had gained about half of the weight I lost from marathon training. My back pain was so bad I could not sit at my desk, let alone get back to running. In my networking group was a chiropractor. A chiropractor is a medical professional who deals with enhancing the nervous system by keeping your neck and spine in alignment just like you do with your car. Dr. Tom and I had talked a couple of times at the meetings, but I was not interested in going to see him.


However, I changed my mind the day he did his presentation. He talked about slight adjustments in the spine and neck to make your nervous system function properly and effectively. I was convinced after his presentation and went to his office for my first appointment that afternoon.


When I went to his office that afternoon, he gave me my initial X-ray. He diagnosed the problem with a bone in the low of my back near where I felt the consistent pain and he suggested a treatment plan. For the first month, I went three times a week for spine and neck adjustments, the second month two times a week, then the third month once a week. As I went more and more, the adjustments/alignments held longer. Therefore, I needed to go less. He also talked about good nutrition and posture. When the neck and back are in full alignment, the body (nervous system) functions properly and optimally. That is the premise of chiropractic care as opposed to the drugs and surgery of MD medicine.


After just a couple of weeks, I felt a lot better. I could sit at my desk at work. I had more energy and was ready to run again. In early December, my sister asked me if I would bring my 1-year-old son to watch her finish the Kiawah Marathon. I felt so good, I decided to run-walk it, even without the normal training. (Do not do your first half-marathon and certainly not a full marathon without the proper training for it!). I did the run and even finished with a better time than I did in my first half-marathon four years earlier.


I am back hooked on running thanks to my chiropractor. After the Kiawah half in December, I did the half-marathon on Folly Beach in February and the big half in Myrtle Beach two weeks after that. I have also done a 5-miler on Folly Beach and the Flowertown 10k in March.


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Chiropractic therapists look into the issues of posture and alignment of the spine to try to cure your back pain using their treatments along with physiotherapy. Practicing proper nutrition and correct posture is part of the treatment of a chiropractor. Runners go through a lot of physical stress that is repetitive. The high impact caused by running can cause bad lower back pain. Lower back pain also results from bending and lifting with the wrong posture. For these problems, chiropractor for back pain relief while running can be very effective.
Besides this, especially for runners, a few precautions often help. Little amounts of rest in-between, stretching gently, and applying ice packs are some of the precautions that can be practiced. Regular sessions by the chiropractor, proper diet, and nutrition along with routine exercises are some of the keys of getting rid of the back pain.

3 Video Series On How To Avoid Lower Back Pain While Running

Peak Running Performance and Brian Bradley at The Egoscue Clinic explain why millions of runners have lower back pain. The videos include 9 great exercises to fix your lower back pain from running.




To get more information on how to avoid back pain for all sports please grab your copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Cure by The Healthy Back Institute. It is loaded with hundreds of cutting edge tips and techniques to help you get rid of your back pain.



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