Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain


Let’s take step back and try and look at the most common causes of lower back pain and why it is such a problem in humans. The fact that almost 90% of people will suffer some type of back injury during their lifetime is a staggering statistic. Why is this so?


A recent article published in the United States by Chiropractor Mark Earnhart outlines the basic reasons why we get so much back pain – and it seems it comes down to the fact that humans are bipedal (walk on 2 legs instead of 4)


Our spines were not initially designed to bear so much weight on the lower part of the spine, and it is suggested that this is the main reason why humans experience so much trauma in the lower back.


Makes total sense!



 Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain

Common causes of lower back pain

Poor lifting and sitting techniques are among the common causes of lower back pain

This question has plagued all of us, including researchers for a long time! Could it be because we’re all inherently lazy and don’t exercise enough? Or maybe it’s because we have a job that’s too demanding on our back? To properly address this question, here are some interesting facts.


1. The prevalence of low back pain is common, as 70-85% of ALL PEOPLE have back pain that requires treatment of some sort at some time in life.


2. On a yearly basis, the annual prevalence of back pain averages 30% and once you have back pain, the likelihood of recurrence is high.


3. Back pain is the most common cause of activity limitation in people less that 45 years of age.


4. Back pain is the 2nd most frequent reason for physician visits, the 5th ranking reason for hospital admissions, and is the 3rd most common cause for surgical procedures.


5. About 2% of the U.S. workforce receives compensation for back injuries annually.


So, what are the common links as to why back pain is so common? One reason has to do with the biomechanics of the biped – that is, the two-legged animal.


When compared to the four-legged species, the vertically loaded spine carries more weight in the low back, shows disk and joint deterioration and/or arthritis much sooner, and we overload the back more frequently because, well, we can!


We have two free arms to lift and carry items that often weigh way too much for our back to be able to safely handle. We also lift and carry using poor technique. Another reason is anatomical as the blood supply to our disks is poor at best, and becomes virtually non-existent after age 30. That makes healing of disk tears or cracks nearly impossible.


Risk factors for increased back injury include heavy manual lifting, poor or low control of the work environment, and prior incidences of low back pain.


Other risk factors include jobs which require us to sit for prolonged periods which loads the lower back with too much pressure, being overweight, foot imbalances, anomalies in the bones of the spine, stress and many more.


Controlling back pain should include examination and possibly xrays of your spine by a chiropractor as studies have shown chiropractic to be the most effective way to relieve pain and create stability of the spine compared to any other treatments available.


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So it looks like lifting techniques are a major culprit when it comes to sustaining back injuries. Another one of the most common causes of lower back pain is sitting for long periods of time, especially in seats that have poor lumbar support.


You should always try and make sure that your seat is ergonomically designed and provides sufficient lower back support.


For more information about lifting techniques and the right type of chairs, please see The 7 Day Back Pain Cure by Jesse Cannone. You can get it for free by signing up now!




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