Exercise For Back Pain Relief


Whenever you suffer from back pain, the immediate way to get some relief is to lie down straight on your back. The surface should be plain and hard, like a wood floor. Keep a pillow just under the knees. You should also keep your hips bent at ninety degrees and your knees bent and rested on a chair while you are lying down on your back. This exercise takes away the pressure on your back immediately. Exercise is the only natural way to recover from your pain. It also helps you to prevent pain in the future. However, before starting an exercise routine, it is very important that you consult your doctor.


Exercise is often the best option to help alleviate back pain.


Exercise for back pain relief should also be performed at a slow pace to avoid an injury. When you are doing a stretching exercise, you should avoid straining your body at all costs. The stretching should be done only up to the level that your body can bear. When and if any of the exercise or stretching results in a feeling of pain, it should be stopped immediately. Also when you do stretches you need to be relaxed and perform them slowly. You should not bounce as this can increase your back pain. Try to hold your stretch for about twenty seconds.



This video demonstrates exercises that loosen up your spine after a heavy session of weight lifting or from any other activity which might put a lot of pressure on the spine – It is presented by arthlete.com



While doing these exercises you need to breathe slowly and naturally. When you strengthen your stomach muscles and back muscles, it actually takes the pressure out of the back and helps your body to stay healthy. This will also decrease your chance of getting back pain compared to people who do not do exercise.



Learn about using a foam roller for back pain relief with certified pilates instructor Sara Kapuchinski from i heart fitness



When your back muscles are strong, it will also help prevent injury. This way, surgery on the back may not be necessary as your back muscles are already strong due to regular exercise. If you have an injury in your back, strong stomach muscles and back muscles will help you to recover faster.
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