Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief


You may not be suffering from back pain right now; although, you probably know someone who does. He or she may be a member of your family, amongst your circle of friends, or perhaps he or she is a work colleague. After a cold and flu, it is back pain that causes most of the absences from work. The main causes of back pain are mostly due to modern lifestyles and jobs that are physically demanding.
However, there are ways that can help you prevent back pain. Consider arranging your work station in such a way that everything is within your reach; taking small breaks in between work so that you can stretch your body, etc. You can also exercise for lower back pain relief as an appropriate prevention technique.

Exercise For Lower Back Pain Relief

Exercise for lower back pain relief is an effective prevention technique

Lower back pain generally isn’t caused by a serious injury, it’s simply the result of letting our flexibility and core strength go, by sitting too much and stretching and exercising too little (or by exercising without first warming up and winding down properly). “New patients often tell me something like ‘All I did was bend over to pick up a shoe!’,” says Girasole. “It doesn’t need to be some catastrophic even to cause it, just the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” (No pun intended—your back isn’t broken, even if it feels like it.)


“Lower back pain is a result of the society we live in—everyone is busy, you probably drive to work and sit at a desk all day, then get back in the car and go home and sit around, because it’s easier to have a glass of wine and sit on the sofa than go to the gym,” he says. “We never have enough time and our bodies suffer for it.”


Now for the good news: No matter how excruciating your lower back pain, it is very unlikely to have a serious underlying cause or require major medical intervention. You can get rid of it, and quickly too, if you give your back what it needs to heal.


The most important thing, says Girasole, is to keep moving. Tempting though it may be to pop a painkiller and take to your bed, that’s the worst plan of (in)action. “Lying down results in the muscles continuing to shorten and spasm,” he says. “Early, active motion will put the area into reparative mode. By stretching the muscles you’ll let the blood come in and oxygenate the area.” For a proven healing plan, pick up Girasole’s book, which contains photos and detailed descriptions of a daily regimen of seven stretches designed to both heal and prevent future injury. He swears they can be done in seven minutes, and don’t require any special equipment. The book also contains lots of advice on how to go about daily life in a way that minimizes pain while you have it, and prevents it from recurring once it’s gone.

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To manage back pain and to prevent it from happening to you is a tough job. But if you are determined to make changes in your life for the better, then I guess it can be done by everyone. If you find out that your back pain is caused by the way you live your life, then the best cure is to educate yourself about the causes of back pain. This will be your first step so that you will not do the things that you were doing that could cause back pain.
Keep yourself active all the time, and listen to your body. Avoid prolonged postures as it can result in back pain. Driving to work, sitting in front of the computer from 9 to 5, lying on couch before bed are aspects of our daily routine. You can exercise for lower back pain relief but prevention is better than worrying about a cure. You can help by correcting your posture, taking breaks in between work, and you can stay healthy.


In this video clip orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mark Wolgin demonstrates some excellent back strengthening exercises for lower back pain. There are some really good exercises here.



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