Exercises For Back Pain Relief Video


exercises for back pain relief video

Below are two great exercises for back pain relief videos

Here is an excellent exercises for back pain relief video that shows you some exercises to both stretch and strengthen your lower back. Strengthening your core is the cornerstone of any back pain relief program, and it has been proven to be the best way to alleviate your back pain.


The videos are from Glen Azar from Fighting Fit in Queensland Australia.


The first one shows some very simple yet extremely effective exercises to stretch your lower back. If you try to do these stretches be sure to use the exact techniques that are shown in the video. They are done by fitness professionals and you should see your doctor or physio to get further advice.


Remember to do the exercises consistently over a few weeks. If you just do them once or twice it is not giving it a proper chance to work.

Exercises For Back Pain Relief Video




Strength Exercises For Back Pain Relief Video

This video outlines exercises on the fit ball. It aims to strengthen your lower back. The instruction is excellent and it is described so you can easily do it at home.



We will try and bring you some of the best exercise for back relief videos we can source on the net. We believe back pain relief exercises are the best way to get rid of back pain fast without drugs or surgery, and will strive to provide you with the exercises that work best to strengthen your core.


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