How To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain


There are many ways to get rid of lower back pain.


1/ The first thing do to is find out what exactly is causing the pain. You should go to a doctor or specialist and explain your pain. They will then tell you the exact cause of the pain.
2/ Another way is to rest. The muscles of your body are constantly under strain, whether you are sitting, standing or exercising. You need to rest your muscles by changing your posture and form in doing various things.
3/ You should also try not to lean forward constantly. Try sitting erect for a short period of time as well. Or move around to exercise your muscles.



Poor posture can lead to back pain, muscle imbalances and other conditions. Learn how to sit with correct posture – By Jesse Cannone – Back rehab expert at



    4/ Instead of bending to pick up things from the floor, squat and do the same. This is a much easier and less painful way of picking up things.
    5/ In order to get rid of your lower back pain, you need to realize that the pain is caused mainly due to bad posture. Hence you should try to improve on that. Learn to be more upright while standing, sitting and walking.
    6/ Another method to get rid of lower back pain is to learn and practice effective stretches and other such exercises. These help in increasing flexibility and also keep the muscles fit. It also helps take the pressure off the joints. Abdominal, chest and hip flexor exercises are most efficient.



Dr. Ron Burnett, D.C. of Inner Sun Chiropractic, demonstrates how to exercise and stretch your lower back.



    7/ Other exercises that can be taken up are aerobic exercises such as walking and swimming. Walking, being a low impact exercise is very helpful. Swimming is another workout that exercises and stretches all the muscles of the body. It is known to help in reducing back pain.
    8/ Medication can also be taken; however, it does not always help to get rid of the back pain completely. It simply helps in reducing the level of pain felt. If the pain is severe, medicines can be administered.



Lower back pain is a problem for many people in today's society.





lower back pain



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