Inversion Table For Back Pain


Inversion tables are popular devices used for remedying back pain. The important question to ask is – does it work? Keeping in mind that it is prudent to take a cautious approach to these devices we shall explore the pros and cons of this method. The inversion table for back pain is a device that allows the sufferer to be inverted or lie in an upside down position. Using straps and buckles, the subject is tied up so he or she may not fall off. They have been around since the time of Hippocrates, who is credited with inventing one.

Does Inversion Therapy really help people with back pain?

How does it help? According to experts it takes the pressure off your discs and creates space between the vertebrae and helps reduce pain by causing the spine to stretch. It is traditionally used for hip, neck and back pain and also helps to get the spine back in its natural position. It also improves body posture for those who suffer from a bad posture. Well, so much for the good news.


Now the downer on this one is that hanging upside down can be quite discouraging for some people and the straps are capable of bruising the ankles and putting unnecessary pressure on the knees. They are not good for pregnant women and those with joints and knee problems. The upside down position can cause the blood to rush to the head which is very uncomfortable especially for people suffering from blood pressure and diabetes.

Moreover if this inversion table for back pain is not used properly it could do much harm to your spinal cord, bones and joints so much caution is needed before setting up and using one. It is best that if you absolutely need one you must take expert advice and consult your doctor before purchasing one. There is a wide selection of inversion tables to choose from and certainly the task of choosing the right one is imperative.


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In this video, back pain experts Jesse Cannone and Steve Hefferon demonstrate how to do specific exercises and stretches on an inversion table.


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