Koren Specific Technique Back Pain Relief


The chiropractic method of KST gives emphasis to the whole body, and it identifies and tries to correct any imbalance that may be present in your body. It helps the body to heal from any imbalances so that it helps makes the body reach a different kind of health and wellness level. Koren specific technique back pain relief is not only effective at curing back pain, but it can also help manage any kind of pain in the body that may have resulted from muscular defect, or pains such as headache, and many more.



Koren Specific Technique Back Pain Relief

KST Back Pain Relief

Koren Specific Technique Back Pain Relief Has Helped Many Back Pain Sufferers

Chiropractor Dr. Daniel Secrest is raising awareness about how the Koren Specific Technique (KST) can help treat Scottsdale back pain patients who struggle with chronic pain issues. “Many patients are told by other care providers that their back pain is ‘all in their head,’ leaving them frustrated and feeling hopeless,” said Dr. Secrest. “At our wellness center, we know that’s simply not the case.”


If the body is not corrected immediately following a motor vehicle accident or other trauma, the mind moves forward to dismiss the injury and the body, mechanically, tries to compensate for the injury. The memory of the trauma becomes lodged in the distorted musculoskeletal system, which is still physically damaged. The untreated trauma can also cause damage to internal organs, as well as the endocrine system and eventually lead to long-term health problems and chronic pain. Dr. Secrest calls this untreated condition ‘muscle memory.’


“For many chiropractic patients, the cause of their pain is deeply locked within the body,” said Dr. Secrest. “Locating this cause and retraining muscle memory is key to helping the body finally heal.”


KST treatment is comprised of three stages: Challenging, Checking and Correcting. During the first stage, Dr. Secrest begins by evaluating the entire body, starting at the skull and working down with precise movements over the spine, discs, ribs, legs, feet, arms and hands. This helps Dr. Secrest to identify locations of pain and muscle problems. The chiropractor will then check for proper alignment.


Correcting depends on the type of underlying injury and pain. Dr. Secrest typically uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments with the FDA-approved activation instrument ArthroStim to correct alignment and restore muscle memory.


“KST is not a quick, five-minute chiropractic adjustment,” said Dr. Secrest. “It’s a comfortable yet powerful series of adjustments and muscle memory corrections that bring balance back to the body and relieve chronic pain. Depending on the type of injury and pain, many patients benefit from a series of treatment sessions, each session working closer to correcting the painful memory locked deep inside the muscle.”


During a KST treatment, patients may be sitting, standing or moving through different positions. This allows Dr. Secrest to specifically target the location of pain and retrain the associated muscle memory.


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We face different kinds of stress in our everyday life ranging from emotional to environmental stress, physical to chemical stress; the list is long and far reaching in terms of its effects on our health. Due to these various kinds of stresses, our natural healing process to a particular illness slows down. The addition of stress can result in various kinds of illnesses.


KST is something that involves a low force to correct the complicated system and structure of the spine through a mechanism that is referred to as biofeedback. It uses an instrument to fix the displaced bone into the right place rather than our hands, which are used in traditional surgery and treatment. This instrument is gentle, but it is so powerful that it can locate and correct problems in a few minutes only without causing you pain. Many people have benefited from this treatment, and their back pain has gone.


Koren specific technique back pain relief is carried out by a process of identifying and correcting areas of the spine through sessions advised by the chiropractor. This way, the body restores balance physically and mentally to change pain levels until the pain is gone.`


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