Lower Back Pain And Running


Running is a high impact form of exercise. It is an activity that involves repetitive stress, often for long periods of time. People who are used to this sort of regular exercise and who suffer from pain may find that running may increase the pain or lead to other kinds of pain like sciatica, etc. When and if this happens, it is crucial to get the right treatment immediately. There are several good options to help ease your pain from running.



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Lower back pain and running are interconnected. It could come on during your warm ups or after running. Even bending or lifting weights the wrong way in a wrong position can cause this pain. The lower back muscle strain is felt most strongly by runners. It is first felt as a lower back spasm. The pain is generally felt mainly in the lower back itself and does not radiate to the thighs, buttocks or lower legs.



Running is a high-impact exercise which can result in back pain, especially lower back pain. This article provides information on how runners can relieve back pain.


This type of lower back pain felt by runners that is caused by a muscle strain is treated using a various selection of techniques that you could do yourself at home. Also you should stop running for about a week or so and wait for the pain to ease. There are several ways to help in reducing the pain.


  • Firstly, in case of severe pain, you should just rest your body and not exert yourself in any way.

  • Make an appointment with a healthcare professions, physiotherapist or chiropractor.

  • The second technique is to try some gentle stretching which could help relieve some of the muscular pain felt.

  • Another famous home remedy that many people swear by is ice packs. These should be applied for around ten to twenty minutes at a stretch and not more.

  • Hot water bottles are another effective method which helps in relieving pain for a short period of time. It is recommended that one alternates between hot water bottles and ice packs for maximum effect.

  • Tylenol and other such drugs known as over the counter pain medicines can be taken as well.

  • Anti-inflammatory medication such as iboprufen or Naprosyn may also be administered in case of severe pain.

Lower back pain caused by running often disappears after two to three weeks, simply by resting the body and going easy on exercise and everyday activities.



In this video Dr. Ted Loos of GreatLifeChiropractic.com demonstrates a low back/hip stretch.





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