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In the United States of America, back pain is one of the most common ailments and the reason for many people taking days off from work. The result is a huge loss in its economy. However, this ailment can be prevented and controlled with a little change in lifestyle. This ailment affects the lower portion of the back as well as the upper portion. For both of these cases, there are different treatments for getting relief from the pain.


Many of us are looking for fast relief from pain.


Our back is a combination of different tissues, muscles, nerves and tendons interconnected. There are also complex joints. Most importantly, there are the discs of the spine that have gelatin like cores.



This video by Dr. Shane Mangrum discusses the 4 top causes of lower back pain.



When there is any injury or disturbance to these portions of the back, it may result in back pain. Therefore in treating back pain, it is very important that the reason of the pain is known. The pain may be severe, acute or chronic. The symptoms for different people may vary in the type and intensity of the pain.



Learn about back pain relief in this video from Dr. Echols, a Chiropractor in Austin, Texas.



There are various ways of treatment depending on the intensity of pain and the condition of the patient. One of the most common ways to relieve pain is to take a rest from vigorous daily activities and relax physically for a few days.



This video demonstrates an exercise called the “Mckenzie press-up.” The exercise is an essential exercise for low back pain – demonstrated by Dr. Shane Mangrum.


Heat packs and ice packs can be applied. First apply the ice pack for about two days to reduce the swelling and then add either the ice or heat pack to get some lower back pain relief.


There are a wide range of medicines that you may take for relieving the pain. Some of these can be purchased over-the-counter. If these don’t work, then the doctor may combine these with prescribed drugs that are even stronger. These may have side effects, so should be taken with caution, but are nearly guaranteed to reduce pain.


There are various kinds of exercise and stretches that can be used to keep the body fit and keep away back pain. The advice of a professional is very important in order to choose the right exercise and stretches for the patient.


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