Lower Back Pain Relief Stretches


A person suffering from back pain may spend a lot of money on its treatment, trying to get some relief from the pain. They may have sought advice from a doctor and the pain might have been relieved for a short while. Then, for no reason, it may have relapsed. Then the patient might have tried a different form of treatment available from chiropractors. This may not have worked either. Then they may have tried to go to a physiotherapist for some relief. However, the same pain still comes back again and again. This may have happened to you. When you have tried everything available but still the pain keeps returning, it is a good idea to get more educated about the ailment and try to improve things yourself using natural methods.


Stretches that aid in pain relief by helping take stress off the low back and hips and may greatly reduce the advancement of arthritis in the spine


This treatment includes stretching the muscles in your body in order to provide some pain relief. There are many kinds of lower back pain relief stretches. However, you will have to find out yourself which one works best for you. The cause of the pain in your back is often down to stiffness in your muscles in your pelvic area, hips and sides providing that you haven’t suffered an injury. The pain can also result from the misalignment of the discs of the spine. Your body moves out of alignment due to poor and incorrect posture and your body looks like a shape of a “c” when you stand. That is when the problem arises and the result is pain in your back and stiffness of the muscles. When these muscles are loosened, the pain can be relieved gradually.



Learn how to do lower back stretching exercises in this video demonstration by Amy McCauley – certified personal trainer at Gold’s Gym.





Here is an excellent stretching routine for low back pain. This video is from Extreme-Exercises.com


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