Lower Back Pain Relief Through Surgery With AccuraScope


The process of lower back pain relief through surgery with AccuraScope involves an orthopaedic surgeon inserting an endoscope into the spinal cord to diagnose the nature of the injury through a high definition camera and laser. This procedure helps the doctor to treat multiple areas of the spine that are affected in one operation. It is more accurate and results in fewer traumas as compared to forms of traditional surgery.
Using the AccuraScope, any numbness or lower back pain caused by sciatica, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, arthritis, foraminal stenosis, scar tissue, or facet disease can be improved. As a Founder of the Interventional & Multidisciplinary Pain Management, New York, Dr Yland uses a multifaceted approach towards the treatment of chronic back pain. Dr. Yland is a clinical Assistant Professor and President of the Medical Society of Suffolk County.

Lower Back Pain Relief Through Surgery With AccuraScope

Low back pain symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention

In the AccuraScope procedure, a physician inserts a very thin endoscope, holding a high-definition camera and a laser, into the spinal canal via an opening in the base of the spine. This advanced approach allows the physician to diagnose and treat multiple areas of the spine in one procedure, with more precision and less trauma than other types of minimally invasive spine surgery.


The AccuraScope procedure helps to treat lower back pain or numbness caused by a bulging or herniated disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease, arthritis of the spine, pinched nerve, scar tissue, foraminal stenosis or facet disease.


“Dr.Yland’s extensive expertise in pain management, dedication to patient care, and interest in innovative techniques makes him an excellent fit for North American Spine’s new location,” says Sam Bailey, Ph.D., the chairman of North American Spine.


As the founder of Interventional & Multidisciplinary Pain Management in Stony Brook and Huntington, New York, Dr.Yland leads a team using a multidisciplinary approach to chronic pain treatment. Dr.Yland is also the president of the Suffolk County Medical Society and is a clinical assistant professor.


Dr.Yland has practiced and taught for more than 20 years, has authored several publications, holds multiple patents, and has been the first to apply several pain management techniques on Long Island.


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Being the first physician to apply multiple techniques to pain management in Long Island, Doctor Yland has been in the teaching profession and practicing for the last 20 years. Doctor Yland holds quite a number of patented methods of treatment, and he has authored many books. The unique approach to lower back pain relief through surgery with AccuraScope, and the in-depth knowledge of the complications relating to back pain, makes him one of the most dependable physicians in America. This innovative approach to the treatment of back pain has worked wonders, and more people are following his instructions.


Dr. Kenneth Alo from North American Spine, is featured in this video on Great Day Houston. In this segment, he describes the minimally invasive spine surgery procedure called Accurascope for individuals seeking chronic back pain relief.





This is a video of Dr. Thomas Doers orthopedic spine surgeon (Aurora Advanced Healthcare) discussing the fear of seeing a back surgeon. Non surgical treatment options include ice, heat, rest, pain management, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy.





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