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Lower back pain is typically due to muscle strain or a specific condition such as lumbar (lower back) disc degeneration or a lumbar herniated disc.

Stress has become an inevitable part of our lives, and almost everybody undergoes varying degrees of stress that manifests itself in different ways. Pain affecting the lower portion of the back near the waistline is one such manifestation that affects more than 90% of the population, and has affected the same proportion at least once in their lives. More than half the population has experienced many episodes in their lifetimes. Americans spend billions of dollars on lower back pain relief.


It cannot be classified as a disease as there are no particular known causes that have been agreed upon by the medical fraternity. At best, it can be said that it is a symptom that becomes manifested due to underlying processes. Although many forms of treatment are available, including surgery, it cannot be unanimously said that any particular type of treatment or procedure will lead to lower back pain relief.


This article makes an honest attempt to review and present the causes of soreness in the muscles and bones of the back, the possible treatments, and procedures for getting fast relief. This is only a general look at pain affecting the back, so you should always consult a physician or an orthopedist if you are experiencing any specific problem for a thorough discussion on the diagnostic procedures and the treatment plan that will work best for you.


Some facts you should be aware of before you proceed further. Pain affecting the lower back region ranks next to the common cold for lost work days. Most people complain about difficulties associated with soreness around the arch of their back. The number of complaints reported by patients rank after complaints received for headaches. It is classified as acute or intense if the pain persists for almost a month. If there is a painful condition that persists for longer periods, then this is classified as chronic pain. For most people, there is a significant improvement and marked alleviation of such pain irrespective of the type of treatment resorted to. However for some the condition persists indefinitely.


Many causes lead to sore muscles or difficulty in movement. Since our backbone, or the spinal cord, is sheathed within muscles, bones, and nerves, then any injury or harm to the underlying mass surrounding the spinal cord can result in pain. Furthermore, if our viscera or the internal body organs such as the heart, lungs, abdomen, kidneys, or liver suffer any abnormality or become infected, then we might experience pain. Pregnant women have to endure pain in the back as the swollen abdomen puts a strain on the backbone.


Nerve root conditions such as herniated discs or Sciatica are also leading causes. Spinal stenosis, spinal sclerosis, fibromyalgia, osteomyelitis, spondylitis, malignant tumors, shingles, and many other diseases and disorders can result in pain affecting the lower back area. Therefore, whenever you experience a sharp, shooting pain in your back, do not waste time, and consult fully with a reliable physician or an orthopedic surgeon for a thorough diagnosis.


This video is a 1 hour long seminar on exercise and lower back pain. The talk is presented by James Steele Рlecturer and PhD research student at Southampton Solent University in the UK. It is incredibly informative and is a great help for anyone with chronic lower back pain.



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