Lower Back Problems in Children


Lower back problems in children is becoming more common among younger children according to the following article. You need to be aware of the symptoms of back pain in children, which include fever or weight loss, weakness, numbness, pain radiating down the legs, and trouble while walking. Other symptoms are dysfunction of bladder or bowel and constant pain, which interferes with sleep.
While addressing the things that cause back problems in children, we can decrease the risks involved, which are the causes of pain. Most common of them is overuse of the back in course of injuries from sports, obesity, improper posture and incorrectly packing of school bag and carrying it on one shoulder or in one hand. Sedentary lifestyle extended wearing of flip-flops and problem at school are factors influencing back issues.
To help decrease the risk of back injury, the child should be taught to do exercise, pack school bags correctly and maintain proper postures. Discourage sitting in front of the television for long hours and give extra fluids.



Lower Back Problems in Children

The most common cause of low back pain in children is muscle sprain and strain. This can occur while playing or often from carrying a heavy backpack

Until recently, it was considered uncommon for a child or adolescent to complain of back pain.


It was usually associated with more serious conditions. However, today, back pain is becoming more common in younger children. Complaints of less serious back pain have been shown to increase as children get older. Even though the majority of children will not have a serious condition, we still need to be aware of the symptoms of these. Any of the following symptoms when associated with back pain should be reported to a physician:


• Fever or weight loss.


• Weakness, numbness, trouble walking or pain that radiates down one or both legs.


• Bowel or bladder dysfunction.


• Pain that interferes with sleep.


• Pain that is constant.


Once we have ruled out these more serious symptoms, we can address things that make children more likely to have back pain and how we can decrease these risks. Here are some leading causes:


• Injuries caused by sports from overuse of the back are the most common cause.


• Gender — back pain is more common in females.


• Age — children 12 and over experience significantly more back pain than younger children.


• Obesity and poor posture.


• Heavy schoolbags carried on one shoulder or in one hand.


• Incorrectly packed backpacks.


• Sedentary lifestyle — watching a lot of television or sitting in front of the computer.


• Extended wearing of flip-flops — children change their stride and curl their toes to hold the shoes. Also, there is no padding for shock absorption or arch support.


• Problems at school or peers — if this is suspected you should consider a school counselor or psychologist.


Here are some things you can do to help decrease the risk of injury for your children:


• Make sure the backpack is worn correctly over both shoulders and that the heavier items are packed close to the child’s back.


• Encourage breaks when doing homework because sitting extended periods of time can fatigue back muscles.


• Limit television and computer time.


• Teach them how to sit properly in a chair.


• Make sure they get plenty of exercise, keeping the back muscles in excellent condition.


• Encourage a warm up and cool down when exercising to reduce possible injury.


• Suggest a regular program of gentle stretching to help prevent tight muscles.


• Give extra fluids to drink.


Make sure you take care of your back also — children learn best by example.


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As a parent, you may not think much about back pain in your children, but parents are actually becoming worried about concerns about lower back problems in children. Watching out for the symptoms relating to back pain will help to detect the ailment, and paying attention to the probable causes of back pain would help to reduce the risks. Some things are to be followed while planning a regular programme for prevention and rehabilitation.



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