Modern Lifestyle Causes Back Pain


A recent study into back pain has found out that the number of young people who suffer from back pain today is much greater than the number of young people who suffered from it in the previous generation. From this research, the question has to be asked if today’s modern lifestyle causes back pain.
One of the main reasons is likely to be related to computers and game consoles. Hunching over computer tables and bending forward for long periods of time with games consoles could be doing all the damage. Modern society is not in contact with nature as much as the previous generation. Walking all the time on hard pavements rather than the soft grass and soil not only causes back pain, but it is one of the main reasons for developing wrong posture and joint injuries. So, when work is finished, get out there and go for a hike on natural surfaces over the weekend, or go for a brisk walk on the grass.



Modern Lifestyle Causes Back Pain

Our modern lifestyle has many benefits but has also brought more stress to our daily routines.

Culprit No. 1: Your fancy office chair


Even an expensive, ergonomic chair can be bad for your back if you sit in it all day without a break. Sitting not only lessens blood flow to the discs that cushion your spine (wearing them out and stressing your back), but it puts 30% more pressure on the spine than standing or walking, says New York City chiropractor Todd Sinett, author of The Truth About Back Pain.


Be sure to stretch at your desk and get up every hour to walk around. Don’t assume that built-in lumbar support makes your chair back-friendly in fact, for many people, lumbar supports don’t make a bit of difference, especially if they aren’t positioned properly (at the base of your spine), says Heidi Prather, a physical-medicine and rehabilitation specialist and associate professor of orthopedic surgery and neurology at the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.


No matter what type of chair you sit in, make sure your head is straight (not tilted down) when you’re typing or reading. Avoid slouching and adjust your seat so it tilts back slightly to help alleviate some of the load on your back, Sinett says. And keep your feet planted firmly on the floor.


Culprit No. 2: The wrong shoes


When you strut in stilettos, your foot strikes the ground in a toe-forward motion rather than the normal heel-toe gait, stressing your knees, hips, and back, Sinett explains. “Wearing heels also alters the angle of your body so your weight isn’t evenly distributed over the spine,” he says. This instability can set you up for pain and injury radiating from your knees all the way to your back.


Another shoe no-no: the backless kind (even flats and flip-flops), which allow your heel to slide around. Again, the lack of stability distributes your body weight unevenly, putting more pressure on your spine. Your shoe should firmly hold your foot in place to keep you stable and protect your back, says Sinett, who also advises sticking to heels that are less than three inches high.


Culprit No. 3: Your beloved smartphone or tablet


Mobile technology has not been kind to our backs and necks, Prather says. “We’re hovering over laptops, iPads, and smartphones all the time,” she notes. “This head-down position strains the muscles in the neck, and the pain can extend all the way down your spine to your lower back.” Take frequent breaks, and try to look straight ahead rather than down while using a laptop, tablet, or phone. You can buy a stand to help hold your laptop or tablet at a more back-friendly height and angle.


Culprit No. 4: Extra pounds


Carrying even just a few extra inches around your midsection whether it’s due to belly fat or pregnancy makes your pelvis tilt forward and out of alignment, as your body works to keep itself balanced. This can cause excessive strain on your lower back, Dr. Akuthota says. He recommends doing this easy stretch several times daily: Tighten your abs (like you’re bracing for a punch in the stomach) to activate core muscles and take a load off the lumbar discs; hold 10 seconds, then release. (Pregnant? Check with your doctor before doing any exercise.)


And if weight gain is your problem, consider making whole grains an essential part of your slim-down plan: A new study from Tufts University found that those who ate three or more servings of whole grains a day had 10% less abdominal fat compared with those who ate essentially no whole grains.


Culprit No. 5: The wrong bra


Large-breasted women obviously carry significantly more weight in front than those who have smaller breasts. This can lead to hunching and sore neck and back muscles, Sinett says. A bra that offers proper support can actually minimize that forward hunch and relieve pain, while one that doesn’t may exacerbate the problem, as you hunch or strain even more to compensate for uncomfortable straps or a riding-up band.


Research shows that many women wear the wrong size bra, but the right fit can mean the difference between sagging and supported; get fitted by a bra professional. Prather says you may want to try a T-back (a.k.a. racer-back) style. “It gives the body a cue to pull the shoulders back,” she says.


Culprit No. 6: Your crazy schedule


Just like the rest of you, your back muscles can tense up when you’re frazzled. Muscles are designed to contract and relax, Sinett explains, but when you’re stressed, they may contract so much that they can eventually start to spasm. Stress also boosts production of the hormone cortisol, which increases inflammation and can lead to achiness, he says.


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So, there is more than one reason for back pain and you may be suffering badly due to your modern lifestyle. With packed schedules in weekdays, there is no time for you to relax. Stress keeps mounting within you, which can result in diseases, illness, and physical and mental abnormalities. Work on your abdominal muscles to lose extra fat from that region of your body so that your posture remains correct, and exercise to help maintain the balance of your body. This will not only prevent you from suffering back pain, but it make you look more healthy. Wear the right shoes for your outdoor activity, and limit the use of electronic equipment to a minimum. It is okay to take advantage of some of the aspects of modern lifestyle and its comforts, but you should never allow these things to harm your body. Try and avoid excessive use of equipment such as smart phones, laptops, games consoles, and so on. Based on the info in the article above, you can say that the conclusion is that it is possible that modern lifestyle causes back pain.


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