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The second most common ailment in the USA which is related to neurology is back pain and it is one of the most common ailments in the world. The traditional treatment of such a disease used to be bed rest. Long-term medicines and surgery were also used in order to treat it. However, in recent times, there are many natural back pain relief methods that have been developed, which are now practiced to get some comfort from the pain. Medicines prescribed by doctors often have side effects which can be unhealthy for your body.
These natural remedies are very effective in understanding the root cause of the disease unlike other chemical medicines that only give relief temporarily. Moreover natural remedies tend not to have any side effects.


Back pain can make it difficult to sit down, stand up, or get comfortable to go to sleep


Deficiency in vitamin D and vitamin B12 are one of the many things that can exacerbate back pain. So if these deficiencies are taken care of through changes in diet then it may help in reducing the pain to a certain extent.


In this video the usual suspects for curing back pain are discussed – and the case is made for natural back pain treatments as being the best alternative treatment.



Magnesium deficiency is another cause of such problems and can be taken care of naturally with magnesium rich food and supplements. The bark of certain trees such as the white willow also helps to improve your pain. It is somewhat the same as aspirin and works in the same way in order to relieve your pain.


Watch this video for effective natural pain relief treatments with chiropractor Dr. Craig McGiffin from Cleanview Wellness Chiropractic in South Shores, North Carolina.


Yoga is another one of the most effective of the natural remedies for curing your back pain. It helps to stretch and provide correct posture to your body helping to relieve your back pain for the rest of your life. The therapy of Bowen which is more common in Europe and Australia is also a kind of natural pain relief exercise.


Here are some great yoga exercises for relieving back pain from certified yoga instructor Barbara Alvarez – a fantastic natural option for back pain relief.



There are also breathing techniques which help a lot in reducing pain by promoting the oxygen flow throughout your body. There are many massage therapies that are very helpful in relieving pain. This includes chiropractic treatment.


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