Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Back Pain Treatment


Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – also known as PRP or prolotherapy is a new cutting edge technique to fix lower back pain. It is has been gaining momentum in recent years with doctors and physiotherapists who have been recording fantastic results with this type of treatment.


Platelet rich plasma therapy back pain treatment is where the patient is injected with platelets from blood into the injury site, and these platelets go to work in promotion of healing. As areas of injury like herniated discs dont get much blood supply to promote healing, it takes a long time to get these types of injuries healed.


With PRP, the healing process is stimulated and accelerated, and the success rates are astounding.


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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Back Pain Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Back Pain Treatment

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) Back Pain Treatment Is Having Wonderful Success Rates with Many Types Of Pain

There isn’t a week that goes by when a patient who has experienced relief of chronic lower back pain asks, “why did it take so long for me to find out about prolotherapy?.” often followed by, “I cannot believe that prolotherapy is not the first treatment that should be recommended for my back”, as it was the only treatment to work.


Most patients that seek either prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment of their lower back pain have almost always come as a last ditch effort. They have tried nearly every other treatment and have exhausted all possibilities – chiropractic, acupuncture, epidurals, steroids, physical therapy, massage, and a litany of medications such as anti-inflammatories, Lyrica, Neurontin, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, and others. Some patients have also had surgeries on their back – fusions, laser spine surgery, discectomy, and decompression. Unfortunately, most patients who have chronic lower back pain sometimes give up, and are told to “deal with it”, or end up on large amounts of opiates like Oxy Contin.


So why would prolotherapy and PRP work so well for this large subset of patients? Why would a patient who suffered each and every day in pain for 20 or 30 years experience relief within a few months of starting prolotherapy or PRP? The answer is simple. The back is not just a disc problem. The disc is mearly a shock absorber for vertebrae, and while this shock absorber can become defective, there are so many other parts of the lower back and support structure for the lower back that can cause pain.


“Intra-articular prolotherapy provided significant relief of sacroiliac joint pain, and its effects lasted longer than those of steroid injections. Further studies are needed to confirm the safety of the procedure and to validate an appropriate injection protocol.”


“Ninety-one percent (91.0%) of (Prolotherapy) patients reported reduction in level of pain; 84.8% of patients reported improvement in activities of daily living, and 84.3% reported an improvement in ability to work.”


Take, for instance, the sacroiliac joint (or SI joint). Not only can this joint become arthritic, but all of the ligament and tendon structures that hold this joint together can become stressed, strained, or torn but may appear normal on MRI (which is not very accurate at diagnosing sacroliliac pain). Additionally, most back pain patients have a functional leg length discrepancy / tilted pelvis which further exacerbates sacroiliac joint pain. While epidurals, steroids, or surgery cannot repair the damage that cause sacroiliac pain, prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections can!


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Similar to autologous blood injections, these injections have an even higher concentration of platelets – the part of our blood that is good at healing our bodies. Once injected to the site of the injury – in this case the lower back – it gets to work in healing all the structures around the site of the injury, including ligaments, tendons and muscles that may also be affected.


If you have tried everything else, platelet rich plasma therapy back pain treatment is one to put at the top of the list, mainly due to the high success rates medical professionals are reporting.


As this article says – it is a case of: where has this treatment been all my life!!!


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