Stretches For Back Pain Relief And Prevention


Chiropractic rehabilitation centers in Seattle have advised on some measures to prevent back pain during the upcoming sporting season, especially throughout the long and rainy winter season. In fact, many players are far below being well prepared to play in spite of the physical workouts that have been carried out throughout the year.
Preventive measures like stretches for back pain relief and prevention may well avoid visits to a chiropractic center during the summer, assuming you have followed the basic guidelines relating to injuries sustained during season. If you had not been following up on your exercise and diet during the winter, chances are you may sustain a back injury while playing because of the extra weight added during the winter months. The physical stress may cost you dearly in the form of back pain because your body is under prepared to take on the stress and strains of playing sport.
You must be in the perfect condition for playing sport. Consider your footwear, which should be adaptive to field conditions. It is advisable to have warm-ups before taking to the field as limbering up with stretching and jogging exercises will help you prevent sustaining back injuries during play.


Stretches For Back Pain Relief And Prevention


Stretching properly before you play sports like softball or basketball can help prevent injuries to your lower back
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Spring and summer recreational softball is set to start, or just right around the corner, and many adults are ill-prepared. Despite improving year round exercise trends, many recreational softball enthusiasts have spent too little time getting ready for the season during the long, rainy winter months. Belltown Spine and Wellness, a Seattle area chiropractic and rehabilitation center, has compiled some precautions , as well as some good advice for staying pain free and on the fun side of the foul lines.


Accidents and injuries are a reality in every kind of physical activity, but following these basic guidelines can save you a visit to the chiropractor when transitioning to the active summer months.


Extra Weight

If you are the type who lives to play softball, chances are that during the winter months you didn’t get much exercise. The added weight you may have put on is very dangerous concerning the stress on joints during physical exertion, and this is especially true once competition is involved. Yes, dieting and exercise would have helped, but at least take it slow when first getting out on the field.


Proper Attire

Yes, you need a glove, possibly a head piece with some kind of visor and maybe some of those cool, tight pants with sock stirrups, but arguably the most crucial piece of equipment is the proper footwear. Depending on the depth of the grass and dirt in the infield, turf shoes or baseball cleats will be appropriate. These will keep you from unexpected falls while focusing on other elements of the game.


Warm Up!

For those not as competitive, who are mostly into the social activity of softball, just remember that this is still an athletic endeavor. Warming up is crucial! Plenty of stretching, combined with warm-ups including easy throws, bat swings and some light jogging can go a long way in preventing injuries due to cold, unprepared muscles.


Get to Know the Field

It’s good to get familiar with the field you are playing on. Grass depth and infield dirt can be a little different to run on. The biggest threats, however, are in the outfield, the back stop and in foul territory. Experience with these areas can help avoid injury while tracking the ball in flight.


Practice Sessions

Setting up practice sessions before the season starts is very important to recreational softball players. Easing into any activity is a great way to avoid the chiropractor. Practice gets your muscles ready for activity and can help you find out if you have all the right equipment. Field knowledge can be gained here too.


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So, while taking to the field to play sport, you should engage in stretches for back pain relief and prevention and follow up on regular exercises and proper diet to keep from injuring yourself.  Taking adequate precautions should prevent you from developing acute back pain.

Here are 5 easy stretches to avoid lower back pain while playing sports – from Scott Thom Head who is the Head Strength Coach for Mens Basketball at the University of California Berkeley.





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