The Best Mattress For Back Pain Relief


While choosing a mattress, it is very important to learn whether the mattress will evenly distribute the body weight and relax the pressure points of your body while you are asleep. You will also need to know whether your body remains in alignment while you sleep on the mattress. The misalignment of your body may also be due to incorrect sleeping positions. In the end, you should invest in a good medium-firm mattress to help your back. The mattress should be flipped over occasionally to ensure that there is an even distribution of the wear of the mattress. If you ignore purchasing a good mattress to sleep on, then be ready to invest in increased medical expenses because in a few months you will get neck and back pain.
Research has been undertaken to find out the best mattress for back pain relief. The traditional view says a firm bed will prevent back pain. However, professional views have changed to suggest that a medium-firm mattress is the best one to sleep on.


The Best Mattress For Back Pain Relief


A firm, supportive mattress is best for the bony and muscular structures of the back in order to maintain the proper mechanics while sleeping

Yet another night of tossing and turning leaves you in a haze for the day ahead of you. Perhaps it’s stress or drinking that last cup of coffee too late in the day. No matter the reason, more and more people seem to be complaining that they simply can’t get a good night of sleep these days.


Could it be your mattress?


“People may experience more aches and pains due to the mattresses they are sleeping on,” explains Dan Greenhill, clinic director of ATI Physical Therapy in Hammond. “Older mattresses need to be flipped to ensure even wear. Uneven mattress wear may mean that your body weight is not being evenly distributed across the mattress, which may create pain in certain areas, such as your low back and even your neck. Ultimately, finding the right mattress varies from person to person; some people may require more cushion, as others may need a mattress that provides more support or firmness.”


Sleeping positions can also contribute to a morning’s worth of assorted aches and pains. “Sleeping with too many pillows under your head may cause neck pain as the cervical spine is no longer in a neutral position while sleeping,” Greenhill explains. “Stomach-sleepers may be predisposed to neck pain as the cervical spine/neck is in a rotated position while sleeping, which may lead to cervical/neck pain. Those people who suffer from low back pain may benefit from maintaining good alignment through the spine and body.”


There are solutions. Sleeping on your side with a body pillow between your knees will help maintain the hips and spine in a better position which may help reduce low back pain. Cervical pillows may help those people with neck pain find a more comfortable sleeping position. The newer pillow-top mattresses are also much better at evenly distributing your body weight and eliminating pressure points that older, more worn mattresses may have produced.


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Being asleep is the only time when our whole body relaxes to relieve its physical and mental stress. Why would anybody want their sleep disturbed by pain? Disturbed sleep may be due to many reasons, including stress from work, society, family, surroundings, and much more. We need to take care of the things that we can control ourselves. One such thing is the mattress that we sleep on. You should not gamble with your health by sleeping on a bad mattress and risk suffering from things like back and neck pain. That is why you should go and get the best mattress for back pain relief that you can afford as this will help you prevent future back and neck pain.


Many mattresses offer back pain relief but not all of them can be perfect for you. This video from helps you with some pointers in finding the mattress best suited to you.





Dr.¬†Eric Brukwinski of West Coast Family Chiropractic and Tony and Tania Santoro of discuss how to choose the best mattress.”




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