Upper Back Pain Relief


To get upper back pain relief it is important to know what causes upper soreness. It is the stress on the group of muscles at the upper back, called Trapezius, which gives rise to upper soreness due to improper posture. Ignorance to keeping ergonomic postures while in any kind of activity over the years can be a major factor for upper soreness according to this article. Other contributory factors for upper soreness include improper lifting, bending at the waist without bending the knees, turning and twisting, and neglecting proper motion during heavy exercise. Carrying excess weight, smoking, sporting activities without warming up or cooling down, and not resting in case of injury are other reasons for upper soreness. Youngsters are also being affected with upper soreness due to improper posture.



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Upper Back Pain Relief

Back stretches for the upper back can also improve posture

What do we mean by the ‘upper back’…


One of the big muscle groups in the upper back is the Trapezius. It starts from your neck to your deltoid muscles (shoulder muscles) and runs down to the mid of your spine.


‘The trapezius has three functional regions: the superior region (descending part), which supports the weight of the arm; the intermediate region (transverse part), which retracts the scapulae; and the inferior region (ascending part), which medially rotates and depresses the scapulae.’ (Via WIKI)


What causes upper back pain?


Aches, muscle cramps, knots are some of the signs of upper back pain that you may be familiar with. But what are the reasons for upper back pain?


JiveshShetty blames the most obvious habit that we all follow, “The most common reason for upper back pain is poor posture. Years of ignorance on how to maintain natural gait and most growing teenagers unsure about their fast growing bodies develop a posture representing their state of mind.


For most healthy individual a good posture involves keeping the chest high, back naturally arched and standing upright and firm on both foot. This posture must carry us in all our day to day activities including the sport we participate in.”


Beyond posture while sitting or lying down, a lot of people are also guilty of poor movement control and form. Here are some more reasons for upper back pain that you should be aware of. We tend to do the following actions without good form:


– Improper lifting

– Bending at the waist without bending at the knees first

– Twisting or turning

– Neglecting proper range of motion during heavy exercise

– Carrying excessive weight

– Smoking

– Sport activities without adequate warming up and cooling down

– Refusing to rest properly if injured


Before we begin with exercises for upper back pain, ArnavSarkar points outs, “Most exercises can be done as long as they are done with good form, however certain exercises might need to be avoided for individuals with injuries preventing them from doing a certain movement.”


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Symptoms of upper back pain are muscle cramps, aches, and knots. To avoid such ailments, it is important to maintain proper posture. Proper posture means keeping the chest high with the back arched naturally and standing straight on both feet. Many of us do not follow the proper action or movement while lying or sitting, which are causes for upper back pain. Exercise is the best alternative for upper back pain relief, but one should not overstretch because this may have an adverse effect. In cases where the individual is carrying any injury, which prevent from any particular form of exercise, it is better to avoid exerting yourself too much. Proper posture is the ultimate thing that prevents upper back pain. There should be no more lounging on the sofa or slouching over your keyboard.



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