Yoga For Back Pain Relief


Today’s modern lifestyle we are living is very bad for the back. Most of us have to drive long distances frequently and sit in front of the computer for hours and sometimes days at a time. These habits can cause weight gain and as people gain weight they often change their posture to accompany the extra weight. Incorrect posture can cause back pain and can make people more likely to suffer from it. So as we cannot change these habits, it is better to find methods which prevent pain from occurring.


Many people with back pain find yoga to be very helpful in reducing their pain. Over time, yoga can increase your strength and flexibility.


Taking some pain killing pills may give you relief temporarily but it does not solve the root cause of the pain. It will keep coming back as soon as the effect of the medicine wears off. So one the best answers to tackle the root cause is yoga. Yoga provides back pain relief and prevents back pain from happening as it will help to make your muscles strong and flexible. This is absolutely necessary to keep your back healthy.



If you’re experiencing low back pain try these simple moves with Adi Amar of Yoga Today to bring strength and integrity to your spine and core. By giving your hip flexors, hamstring and psoas muscles a nice stretch, this sequence will keep your back feeling limber and prevent pain in the future.



So if you wish to start yoga for back pain relief, then get advice from your doctor and start slowly and steadily. It has to become a daily habit to get the best results. The first position is that of a cat and a cow. Get down on your hands and knees, with your wrists level with your shoulders and your knees level with your hips. Slowly breathe in and point your tailbone upwards and your stomach downward while you look up. When you breathe out come back to the previous position. Repeat this about three to five times and increase the number gradually.



This yoga workout video is with yoga teacher Sonja Spray. It is a beginners lower back stretch home exercise routine.



For the next position you need to stand about an arms length from a wall. Face the wall. Stretch your arms and fix your hands onto the wall. Stretch your tailbone towards the floor and push your tummy back. Let your palms move downwards and move your feet backwards. Keep going until you feel tired. All these positions can be used during yoga for back pain relief.



This video from Total Fitness is on yoga therapy for back pain.


To find out more about natural alternative treatments for back pain – get your copy of The 7 Day Back Pain Book by Jesse Cannone. Click below to see if your 250 page softcover book is available.



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