Yoga for Lower Back Pain Relief


Back pain sufferers are always looking for alternate methods of treatment to reduce or relieve their lower back pain. In this quest many have stumbled upon the ancient practice of yoga which has been used for its long term benefit on the health and mobility of the body. Yoga for lower back pain relief is all about holding a set of poses that aims at improving flexibility and promoting strength.


The benefits are that it not only promotes physical exercise but also works on strengthening the muscles, increases blood supply to the targeted group of muscles and also improves flexibility.


yoga for back pain

Yoga for lower back pain relief can work if you are disciplined and follow the correct technique


It improves concentration level, enables good breathing and makes one aware of their posture and body and this in turn helps to ensure that the body is kept in proper alignment. In short, yoga not only helps in alleviating pain but also works toward improving muscular imbalances thus focusing on the root cause of the pain.


Yoga is a low impact regime which does not put strain on the bones cartilage or joints and is isometric in nature increasing the range of motion in the subject. Yoga poses can be modified to suit the needs of the subject keeping in mind his or her condition and limitations.


Yoga can help with reducing pain in people with stress related issues but those with issues related to back pain must consult a doctor and do yoga under expert supervision to reap maximum benefits without harming the body.


Demonstrations Of Yoga For Lower Back Pain Relief


Here are some great yoga stretches to help with lower back pain from Lori Massad-Koska at Total Wellness Austin.





In this video Beth Shaw form YogaFit demonstrates 3 poses that can help relieve low back pain.





Claudine LaRochelle from Le Refuge Yoga shows us a yoga sequence to help with lower back pain.




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