Yoga For Neck And Back Pain Relief


Yoga experts have always relied on some particular exercises to help prevent neck and back problems. To provide a mild traction to the neck and to strengthen the shoulder and upper back, you need to do some forward stretches. Back bending exercises will help to strengthen the back muscles, and doing them on a regular basis will prevent any back problems. Mild physical workouts help to prevent back pain from increasing to assume chronic proportions.
Some of the most recommended and effective yoga exercises are the Tadasana, Parvatasana, Ardhasalavasana, and the Bhujangasana, or the Sphinx pose. While the former two exercises are recommended for neck pain, the later ones are recommended for yoga for neck and back pain relief. All these exercises are stretching exercises involving the neck, back and abdominal muscles that aim to keep these parts of the body flexible and strong.
These workouts should be carried out in a gentle and phased manner, and they should be performed under the guidance of a physical instructor.


Yoga For Neck And Back Pain Relief

Yoga is widely known as both athletic and stress relieving, but in addition, it also can treating back pain relief.

Neck and back aches are a constant problem with most people. Yoga expert Shameem Akhtar tells you which yoga poses can help.


For neck problem you need to do forward stretches and other poses which give a gentle traction to the neck region, heal and strengthen muscles along the upper back and shoulders. For lower back forward bends are contraindicated but you have to do back bends in a phased manner to strengthen the muscles along the lower back.


Earlier, when in pain people were advised rest completely. Now after the initial bout of pain has passed, unless you move and do gentle exercises to strengthen that part, you will create the worst condition of converting a short term problem into a chronic and longterm one.


For neck problem, full body stretches like the tadasana and parvatasana are great.


Tadasana/Palm tree pose = Stand straight, with feet a foot part.


Interlock fingers, stretching them overhead, turning palms outwards, towards ceiling. Look ahead. Stretch up, going up on your toes. Continue normal breathing throughout. Hold for as long as is comfortable. Exhaling, settle feet back on the ground, heels coming

down. Do several times during the day.


Parvatasana/ Mountain pose == Go on your fours. Inhale. Exhaling, lift hips up, lift knees off ground, push palms into ground, press heels down, look at your stomach, holding a pose that creates a V shape with your body. Hold for ten fifteen seconds, Release to starting position with an exhalation. Do a few times.


For lower back problem, simple backbends are ideal. You must do these poses gently and in a phased manner.


Ardhasalabhasana/ half locust. Lie on your stomach. Keep palms in front of you, with arms stretched out. Inhale, lifting right leg up. Exhale, drop it down. Do same for left leg. Repeat a few times. Later, you may extend duration in the final position for a longer, with

normal breathing.


Spinx pose (a version of the cobra or bhujangasana/lie on your stomach. Cup your chin with your palms, elbows on ground. Keep feet a bit apart, legs also, till lower back pain heals. Shut eyes, and settle into the pose.


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Although it is advisable to take things easy to have relief from neck and back pain, some gentle yoga for neck and back pain relief may be helpful to enable the neck, back, and abdominal muscles to regain their strength. Yoga experts have relied heavily on some exercises as effective measures towards effective treatment for back and neck pain. While some poses are good for neck, other poses, such as the sphinx pose, are effective for lower back pain.


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