Back Pain Treatment


There are various methods for back pain treatment, which include exercises, medicinal treatment, surgery, and alternative health therapy. Each one of them have been proved to have varied results, which depend on the gravity of the back injury and the nature of pain in the lower back, neck, or in the mid lumbar region.


If the back pain is in the initial stages, physical exercises may be the ideal way to recover from back pain. Various exercises related to stretching exercises, intermediate exercises, and advanced exercises may have a healing effect on the back. These exercises have been found to be very effective especially for lower back pain. Workouts with the Swiss Ball will yield good results if carried out in proper way. While doing these exercises, it is advisable to consult a physical instructor to get the best possible results. Wall squats is an exercise, which will provide your back with the strength needed to fight back pain. Straight leg raises is one of the most useful back pain relief exercises. Intermediate exercises have been found to be fruitful towards the relief of back pain. The Hamstring stretch and the knee to chest are common exercises. Hamstring exercise involves lying on the back with legs bent, holding the thigh at the back of knee, and straightening the knee until a stretch is felt at the back.


Medicines have always been an effective way of back pain treatment for getting immediate results. Oral medicines, topical ones, and injections have been commonly used for back pain relief. While the medicines taken orally may have side effects, topical ones are applied on the skin and may cause skin irritation. Injections in the form of steroids are used for anti-inflammatory effect, but may have some serious side effects, which include a rise in blood sugar levels, low levels of immunity, and eye problems that could lead to cataracts. Cortisone injections are commonly used for providing instant relief for back pain. Many patients have benefited from the use of injections, which have not only provided pain relief, but also helped in rehabilitation programs for long term effect. All these medicinal treatments are not guaranteed to work unless they are administered properly and in the right dosage. One medicine may work on a particular patient may not yield the same result in another patient because of the variety of back pain and the body constitution of the patient.


Acupuncture is an old method adopted for back pain treatment, which has been proved to give positive results. This method is concerned with tapping the various points of the nerve. By the use of needles, a sensation is created within the nerve to ensure proper blood flow. Blockage within the nervous system surrounding the lumbar disc is the main cause of back pain. Although acupuncture treatment has been found to be quite effective if the back pain has not turned to be a chronic one, this therapy may be seen as painful; however, relative to back pain, acupuncture is merely short term discomfort.


A sure and effective way of back pain treatment is chiropractic therapy. This is a unique process through which pressure is applied on the nerves at some of the critical junctures, which regulates the blood flow and brings back normality to the lumbar region. More and more people are taking to chiropractic therapy, which is now considered to be the best alternative medicine therapy. This process of treatment has proved to be a permanent solution for those suffering from chronic back pain.


In cases where there is no relief from back pain, and the situation become worse day by day, the only possible remedy for back pain treatment is surgery. This is the ultimate step taken by doctors when no other treatment is responsive. Removal of the herniated lumbar disc is major surgery, which does not guarantee full recovery and risks paralysis. Surgical treatment does not help the patient in total rehabilitation. After surgery, patients have to follow certain restrictions for the rest of their life.


There are some devices which help in the treatment of back pain. Many have been proved to be very useful. The ergonomic chair and the inversion tables are unique devices, which help in the process of back pain treatment.The inversion table allows the back muscles supporting the spinal cord to relax. The inversion table is a unique gadget for optimizing lumbar traction and improving blood circulation while reducing tension. Ergonomic chairs have been found to be very useful for reducing back pain through correcting postures while sitting for short and long time periods. The ergonomic chair is available in various designs, each suited for different seat postures. For those who need to work for long hours in a sitting position, an ergonomic chair is absolutely necessary. This chair keeps your spinal cord in its proper shape, and it ensures all muscles and nerves work properly, which provides relief for back pain.


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