Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery By German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt

February 2nd, 2013 Posted in Treatment

  While America is using technology for treatment of chronic back pain, which is 10 years old, German doctors have found an innovative method of treatment through artificial disk replacement surgery saccording to this article. German Doctor, Thomas Bierstedt, has worked wonders in artificial disk replacement explaining to patients what they can expect from surgery and the harmless technology used in the process to dispel any fears of undergoing the operation.   Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery by German Doctor Thomas Bierstedt, has proved that this innovative method, which involves replacing the degenerated thin disk with a Titanium M-6 disc that is implanted in its place. In this article, Dr. Bierstedt explains that by studying the first X-Ray reports, he can advise on the necessity of disc replacement surgery.       Read more…