Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Back Pain At Home


Dealing with pain in your lower back? There are things you can do to ease your discomfort.

Back pains when it starts all of a sudden can be very annoying yet most people endure it on a daily basis. Here are some easy tips to get rid of back pain at home.


Stop slouching – while you sit or do anything always avoid slouching as this can spark off one back pain episode.


Maintain good posture – walk straight and tall with shoulders rolled down back relaxed and neck straight. Think of your head as being attached by a string to the ceiling.


Sit upright – whether watching television or reading or working at a computer always ensure to keep your back straight and well aligned.


Stop being a couch potato – get up and go outdoors do not while away doing nothing as the body that doesn’t move a lot is a body on the threshold of problems especially back pains and muscular imbalances.


Avoid sitting for long hours in your office or home – take a break from your routine and walk around or stretch to prevent the muscles of the spine from getting rigid and stressed.


Take up some form of exercise – doing some form of activity for 30 minutes 3 times a week helps to keep the body in good condition.


Stretching helps – to rid that back pain and soothe your tired muscles and spine.

Lift with your legs and not your back – always use your legs to lift heavy weights and not your back.


Lose that extra weight – If you are overweight take some effort to lose a few pounds as it relieves the muscles and bones and even a little as 5 pounds of weight loss can help you feel relief from aches and pains in the back.


Avoid stress – this is harmful as tightened and clenched muscles can have no blood supply that could cause them to go sore.


Eat right – eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains avoid fatty food and yes quit smoking and cut that alcohol intake.


Take nutritional supplements – use good quality vitamin and mineral supplements to do away with deficiencies that could be causing your body to experience pain.


Use a cushion or supporting device while driving for long hours – get one now for your car office or home.


Do not carry too much weight on your back – never carry heavy stuff over your back balance it out well with enough support from your body as a whole.


Use your legs and hands for doing household chores not your back – remember this while washing dishes or vacuuming the home.


Use ice or hot /pack poultice for massage – always have ice and hot compressors handy to soothe those muscles of the back.


Invest in a good straight back chair – get a good one for your home or office.


Buy a good mattress for your precious sleep – get a good one that lets you relax and provides ample support.


Have over the counter pain killers in your medicine cabinet at home


Also have a good backache rub or spray for emergency situations


Visit a massage therapist or chiropractor


Schedule that appointment with the specialist immediately – last but not the least get that appointment to see a doctor when in pain.


Dr. Hans C. Delfo of (Chiropractor) shows home treatments you can do for a pinched nerve, such as stretching, icing and even staying hydrated.





Dr. William Booker from Capital Rehab in Arlington Virginia demonstrates a 3-phase exercise designed to increase movement in the middle thoracic region.




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