Back Pain Relief Massage Techniques


Massage in general is good for relaxing aching or tired muscles and to release stress. In particular with back pain relief, massage techniques help to reduce soreness and soothe the tired back muscles. Massage works on different levels; it improves blood circulation thus aiding better blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, it also relaxes the muscles and releases endorphins that makes one feel good and reduces back pain.


Massage to ease tiredness and soothe lower back muscles


When the body is tired and the lower back muscles are strained due to overuse these mild massage techniques help. Using both the thumbs, apply gentle kneading pressure along the muscles of the spine, taking care not to run them over the spine. The thumbs should move in tiny circular motions going in an upward direction and wherever knots or tightness is felt gently kneading it away until they disappear. Then move downward to the small of the back area and gently knead in the bony area of the lowest point of the backbone. This helps to soothe the tightness and relieve mild back pain of the lower back.

Natural pain relief massage can be soothing for your neck, shoulder and back

Massage to relieve muscle spasms


This type of massage requires an expert therapist and is not meant to be done at home. This is a sophisticated massage technique aimed at muscle injury, reducing spasm of the muscles, of the lower back that are the cause for the pain. In this form of massage the therapist alternates the pressure applied to the muscle experiencing the spasm. The therapist uses fingers or knuckles with varying intensity to relieve the injury or spasm. The therapist follows the lead of the patient who directs him to intensity of the pressure felt. Although it can be mildly painful in the beginning the patient has to inform the therapist if it’s very painful. The patient is required to also communicate to the therapist if the technique is helping in reducing the pain or if it is making it worse in which case the therapist abandons the massage or decreases the pressure intensity. The increased blood flow helps reduce the spasm.


In general more and more people are turning to massage therapy to relax and soothe tired muscles. There are different therapies to choose from when it is all about soothing sore muscles .Even in cases of muscle spasm patients are directed to therapists to help relieve pain.


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