Alternative Back Pain Relief: Stabilization Traction And Manipulation


If you are one of those millions of people out there suffering from back pain, then you will know that there are a number of treatments available. Although not all treatments will cure your back pain, you should improve your comfort. However, it is difficult to choose a treatment because you will not know which one is working for you unless you have tried it out. Only then, will be able to decide on whether a particular treatment will be suitable on a long-term basis. Some of these treatments include surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractor, and alternative back pain relief: stabilization traction and manipulation.



Alternative Back Pain Relief: Stabilization Traction And Manipulation


Manipulation of your back is one option to relieve back pain


Many Americans suffer with lower back pain.


Decrease in work productivity because of this condition costs billions of dollars each year. In fact, most people have back pain at some point in their lives. So, what can be done to treat this often excruciating condition?


There are many ways to relieve this type of pain. And it seems there are just as many different professionals — chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists — who can treat back pain.


Let’s look specifically at how a physical therapist might help a patient. First, we would assess the patient based on the duration of pain, symptoms and age. Then we would place the patient in one of four categories of treatment — manipulation, stabilization, specific exercise or traction. Electrical stimulation and ultrasound are additional ways to treat lower back pain.


People who can be helped by manipulation treatment programs can be treated by either chiropractors or physical therapists. Individuals might not always see long-term benefits from this type of treatment unless they fit certain criteria, including how recently the symptoms began and whether the pain is localized. We also look at the patient’s hip rotation, among other factors, to see if this type of treatment would be best.


Stabilization treatment focuses on training core muscles to prevent excessive motion of the spine. Research has shown this category of treatment works well for many. Exercises that train the core include crunches and planks. People who benefit most from this category of treatment are younger, have repeated episodes of back pain including spasms and are prone to excessive flexibility.


Traction also is a common treatment. Types of traction vary from mechanical and manual to inversion, among others. The theory behind traction techniques is that unloading the spine relieves stress on irritated tissues. Patients who respond well to this type of treatment also usually have pain that radiates into the legs.


There are, of course, other treatments that can alleviate pain but do not cure the underlying problem. Some of these treatments include hot packs, cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation and various creams.


The treatment of lower back pain can be a very complex task, and careful examination is crucial before deciding on a treatment method. Trying to treat yourself can cause more harm than good. It could even worsen the condition. If you have lower back pain that lasts more than a couple of days, you should consult a health care provider.


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 This video from The Alegent Health Clinic discusses what spinal manipulation is




In this video Dr. Clint Witsman PT from the Champion Fitness Physical Therapy group explains the benefits of using Traction




Discussed above are some of the alternative back pain relief: stabilization and manipulation being mostly effective for younger patients where the core muscles are made stronger, which decreases the movement of the spine. Manipulation includes traction. Here manually or mechanically, the spine is moved to relieve stress. This decreases the back pain to an extent, which relieves the patient. So, it always makes sense to be educated about all the treatments available.


You should choose one that works best for you, suggested to you with the help of a medical practitioner. Do not stop your treatment or stop going to your medical consultant if the pain goes away. Because the pain can come back with a vengeance, if proper care of your back is not taken on a regular basis.


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